We are nearing the middle of 2018. And that can only mean one thing: It’s thing to shake things up! We’re talking about interior decorating of course. Here’s a look at some bold ideas from around the world that caught our eye.

(1) Let accessories do the talking

Use vintage accessories as conversation pieces

According to Kellie Sirna of Studio 11 Design, you can curate old and vintage accessories and art to tell a story. “Whether it’s your home or a hotel, mixing found items, books and art into your space creates a unique and personal experience. One-of-a-kind items are easily accessible these days, from social media challenged through to eBay.” (Source: freshome.com)

(2) Let there be light

Are you brave enough to do this?

Fluorescent colours and those show-off neon signs are trending in popularity, especially when it comes to the interior design of favourite restaurants and cafes. But are you brave enough to try it in your kitchen? (Source: Vogue)

(3) Everyone loves ice-cream

For this to work, you need to have a neutral backdrop

According to Rebecca Snowden, the Interior Style Advisor of Furniture Choice, people can mix and match pastels to create a look which is both soft and bold at the same time.

“Pistachio greens, bubblegum blues and strawberry pinks all contrast nicely and create a vibrant colour palette without overwhelming the senses.

“The key to this trend is keeping a neutral backdrop; whether you opt for vanilla cream, white, or even black, these pastels work best as the sole source of colour through various accents.” (Source: cosmopolitan)

(4) Stylish kitchen

The bolder the better when it comes to colours

According to Nina Magon of Contour Interior Design, all white kitchens have been very popular and almost the norm for the past few years. “But for 2018, we can expect to see an increase of colour in kitchen designs from the cabinetry to the sink materials. Expect to see bolder colour choices that range from neutrals to charcoal to sage providing a more chic and sophisticated alternative to modern homes.” (Source: HGTV)

(5) Loving those curves

Look at them curves!

According to Athena Calderone of EyeSwoon, design is moving towards a slightly more lush and sexy direction. “More and more, I’m drawn to items that are shapely or circular, swiveling chairs, round cushions and sloped mirrors. Arches, in general, are also appearing in both decor as well as architecture, like an opening to a room or an arched wall niche. The look is glamorous and a little unexpected, and it’s definitely finding its way into the world of design and to my inspiration boards. No doubt about it – we’re embracing the curves.” (Source: mydomaine)

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