Humans in nature are social creatures. That being said, how would you like to have a little robot in your house that listens to all of your activities?

Aimed primarily at people who live alone or who are not social in nature, a little robot called ‘Fribo’ will, from time to time, encourage its owner to text and call their friends.

According to scientists behind the project, ‘Fribo’ will help bring together people who are physically isolated.

‘Fribo’ the robot listens to you at home and shares your every move with your friends has been developed by scientists to stop young people feeling lonely (Source: Yonsei University & KAIST)

What’s the technology behind the ‘Fribo’, you ask?

It is equipped with microphones and sensors that listen in for domestic activities. It is designed to be left at home.

The robot is activated whenever someone comes home, switches on the lights, opens a fridge, etc. (See YouTube video at bottom of page)

It then shares these updates with its owner’s closest friends.

The robot itself isn’t really a mediator, but rather it expects the owner to reach out to his/her friends.

Even if you don’t feel like reaching out, ‘Fribo’ will, from time to time, come up with reminders.

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Having a robot in my house that listens is: