A friend asked me the other day, “Should I buy a new mobile phone or replace my cracked screen?”

I felt sorry for him.

He had just bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X mobile phone for 250 BND (about US$190) earlier this year.

When I asked him how much would a screen replacement cost, he told me that it would be around 200 BND.

I’m sure you can sympathise with my friend.

After all, we’ve all experienced our own cracked screen drama from time to time.

Cracked screen? We’ve all been there (Photos: Shutterstock/Pexel)

Following are some tips you should consider before deciding to get a new phone or screen:

(1) How bad is the scratch?

If it’s just a tiny crack and your mobile phone can still function, I’d strongly suggest you to wait it out.

(2) Doing it yourself may not be a good idea.

I learnt this the hard way. When I noticed a small crack on my mobile phone’s screen, I immediately went online to search for answers on how to fix it myself.

One of the “home remedies” I stumbled online involves applying toothpaste onto the screen.

Just don’t.

It is said that toothpaste is an abrasive, so it can remove prominent scratches. However, it comes at a cost because being abrasive, it will not produce a clear screen.

(3) Have you backed up all your data?

Before dropping your mobile phone at a shop to have the screen replaced, ensure that you have backed up all your data. Accidents happen all the time. So be sure to do your part to back up your precious photos, video and contact list.

(4) Screen protectors are a must!

Whenever you buy a new mobile phone, please get a screen protector. It’s a small investment to make but it will be the best one you’ll make.

(5) Do the math.

I have a very simple mathematical equation that I use whenever I have to decide between buying a new mobile phone or a replacement screen.

If the cost of replacing the screen is LESS than 50% than the price of the mobile phone, I’ll replace it.

However, if the cost of replacing the screen is MORE than 50% than the price of the mobile phone , I won’t replace it. In this case, I would rather get a new mobile phone.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you.

Would you be willing to spend more than 50 BND for a mobile phone casing or screen protector?