“This is the best tamu in Brunei!”

This was what a retiree in his 60s from Brunei-Muara District proclaimed after I told him that it was my first ever visit to Tutong’s famous Thursday market, which is more commonly known as Tamu Tutong.

I arrived at the market, which is officially called Kompleks Pasarneka dan Tamu Tutong, at 8.30am.

It was a 50 minutes drive from the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.

People would come to Tamu Tutong as early as 6am

“My friend …” he said, as he placed his hand on my shoulder. “You’re late! You may not have come at the right time, but at least, you came on the right day – Thursday.”

According to him, Tutong residents and people from other districts come as early as 6am to get their hands on the freshest produce.

He said, “There’s no other tamu (market) quite like this in Brunei.

“Take a look around and you will be surprised at how much stuff you can get here.

“In fact, most of what you see in other tamus in the other districts (Brunei-Muara, Belait and Temburong) come from Tutong.”

Although the tamu opens from 6am to noon, I could see some vendors packing up at 9am that morning.

When I asked them why they were leaving so early, they laughed and said, “It’s not early! We’ve sold everything, so why not go home?”

The people here are ever so friendly.

You can also find handicraft at the tamu

Why not grow some fruits in your own garden? You can get saplings from the tamu too

As I strolled around the tamu, I overheard people saying, among other things, “Oh! You travelled all the way down here too?”

This is certainly a must-visit site if you ever drop by Tutong on a Thursday morning.

Have you visited Tamu Tutong? Is this really the best tamu in Brunei? We’d love to hear from you.