What’s for lunch?

“It’s lunch time, and I’m craving for burgers! Where should we go? McDonald’s or Burger King?”

This was what one of my lunch buddies said in a WhatsApp group chat.

Some insisted on getting a Big Mac from McDonald’s, while the rest insisted on getting their hands on a Whopper from Burger King.

At first, everything was calm. But then one of them said, “McDonald’s burgers are better!”

McD’s Big Mac

Burger King’s Whopper

This was followed by a message that read, “No way! Burger King for the win!”

And before I knew it, I had to be the peacemaker in the group chat to talk some sense to them.

I never knew deciding where to get your burgers from could get so complicated!

What’s the difference between the burgers?

The ‘Neue’ team was called in to conduct a non-scientific experiment to help these group friends reconsile with each other following their PETTY but HILARIOUS argument.

That was one of them proposed having a side-by-side comparison of the burgers.

Just to clarify, this is NOT a story to determine which is the BETTER TASTING burger. Rather, it’s just a fun way of viewing things in this world.

A team of ‘burger judges’ was assembled to oversee a 6-round burger fight.

Burger Showdown Starts Now!

Round #1: Size matters

Burger King’s Whopper: 7.0 cm Height X 12.2 cm Width

McDonald’s BigMac: 6.9 cm Height x 10.4 cm Width

Winner: BK’s Whopper (Bigger)

Current score: BK’s Whopper (1) – McD’s BigMac (0) – BK has the UPPER hand!

Round #2: Value for a burger with 2 patties

BK’s Whopper: $7.90

McD’s Big Mac: $5.50

Winner: McD’s Big Mac (Cheaper)

Current score: BK’s Whopper (1) – McD’s Big Mac (1) – It’s a DRAW!

Round #3: Messier burger = More satisfying

After taking a big bite out of McD’s Big Mac

BK’s Whopper: As there is a sheet of lettuce (instead of chopped) and onion slices, eating this burger seems tidier compared to McD’s Big Mac.

McD’s Big Mac: Chopped lettuce all over the place. Sauce coming out of the sides.

Winner: McD’s Big Mac (The messier, the better! It’s so satisfying!)

Current score: BK’s Whopper (1) – McD’s Big Mac (2) – McD has the UPPER hand!

Round #4: Juiciness of burger patties

BK’s Whopper: Flame-grilled … need we say more? According to our judges, there’s just something special about this.

McD’s Big Mac: Tasty … but not as great as BK’s flame-grilled patties.

Winner: BK’s Whopper (We think our judges have a soft spot for flame-grilled stuff)

Current score: BK’s Whopper (2) – McD’s Big Mac (2) – It’s a DRAW … again!

Round #5: Sauce

BK’s Whopper: Tangy. Our judges enjoyed it but compared to the Big Mac, it was “just alright”.

McD’s Big Mac: The Big Mac’s Special Sauce won our judges’ hearts over. According to them, there’s just something about it. “We love it!”

Winner: All signs point to McD’s Big Mac.

Current score: BK’s Whopper (2) – McD’s Big Mac (3) – McD takes the lead!

Round #6: Packaging

BK’s Whopper: Just a wrapper.

McD’s Big Mac: Informative packaging. Bright colours.

Winner: McD’s Big Mac

Current score: BK’s Whopper (2) – McD’s Big Mac (4) – McD claims victory!

We shared the above findings with our ‘Food Buds’ group chat the following day.

But again, there were 3 camps formed – (1) Those loyal to McDonald’s, (2) Those who love Burger King, and (3) The people with no opinion. Which group do you fall in?

What would you like ‘Neue’ to compare in our next food fight? Drop us a line in the comments section below or reach out to us via our social media accounts.

Final round – You decide!

Out of the 2 burgers, which is your favourite burger?