Infographic: The Semi-Final Winners (According to Google) | StatistaThe infographic above that was prepared by StatistaCharts shows Google’s predictions of which teams would likely emerge as the winners of the 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-final matches.

According to data compiled by Google on July 9 (Monday), the probability of FRANCE emerging as the winner of the 2am (Brunei time, July 11) match against Belgium is 38%.

Belgium, on the other hand, has a 32% chance of winning this match, while the chance of a draw is 30%.

As for the 2am (Brunei time, July 12) match between Croatia and England, there is a strong probability (41%) that ENGLAND will emerge as the better team, while the likelihood of Croatia winning the match stands at only 29%. The probability of a draw for this match, meanwhile, is 30%.

If Google is right, you will be seeing France going up against England for the 2018 FIFA World Cup trophy at 11pm this Sunday (Brunei time, July 15).

But this is what Google thinks will happen. We here at ‘Neue’ want to hear from YOU – take part in the poll below and see if you are really smarter than Google!

Semi-final (2am Brunei time, July 11) FRANCE vs BELGIUM - who do YOU think will win?


Semi-final (2am Brunei time, July 12) CROATIA vs ENGLAND - who do YOU think will win?


FINALS (11pm Brunei time, July 15) Who do YOU think will win?