When the word brunch comes up, people would normally think of comfort food, carbs, runny egg yolks, maple syrup and friends with lots of stories to tell. What’s not to love about brunch? It combines two meals in one where breakfast food items are served well beyond the usual breakfast hour. It’s the perfectly lazy start to a weekend and you get to catch up with friends.

I love brunch as much as the next person, which is why I decided to list some of my favourite places to have, in my opinion, the ultimate brunch in Brunei Darussalam, specifically around the Brunei-Muara District. Whether you’re looking for something cheap, sweet, savoury, heavy or healthy, these eateries help satisfy your brunch fix!

#1. Country Patch Cafe

Pancake Parlour

Think typical breakfast foods: hashbrowns, sausages, sunny side up eggs, huge fluffy pancakes and more. Have difficulty deciding which breakfast food item to go for? It doesn’t matter because whether you prefer a savoury or sweet start to your weekend, this place has it all.

Location: Ground Floor, Block D, Bangunan Haji Abdul Rahman, Kiulap. Next to Twelv Cafe.

Cost: American breakfast set was BND5 (free drink available until 11am). Pancake Parlous was BND8.90.

American Breakfast Set

Thoughts: The American breakfast set consisted of a choice of eggs, meat, vegetable and carb. For mine, I went with a sunny side up egg (they serve two), chicken sausage, baked beans and hashbrown. What I loved most was that the hasbrowns were seasoned perfectly just the right amount of salt. The outside of the hashbrown was extremely crunchy and left no greasy feel in my mouth. The sunny side up eggs were also cooked well, being just runny and not undercooked. Meanwhile, the pancakes are an absolute must-try as they had an incredibly fluffy texture, was not too doughy nor too sweet. The addition of the whipped cream and strawberry added an extra dimension of creaminess which was cut by the slight tangy flavour of the strawberry. The option to drizzle more maple syrup was a great choice too as I could adjust the sweetness to preference. Overall, a great option for the more indecisive individuals who like customisation.

#2. High Frequency Cafe

Macaroni and Cheese

If you’re looking to stuff yourself with heavy and creamy comfort food while also being spoiled with a classy and comfortable interior, high frequency has a lot to offer. Even if you don’t wake up in time, worry not as they provide you with an all day brunch menu.

Location: 1st Floor, Unit 5, Blk B Sempurna Complex, Batu Bersurat. Located opposite Easy Way.

Price: Macaroni and Cheese was BND12.90. Mentaiko Pasta was BND 13.50.

Mentaiko Pasta

Thoughts: Though I’ve never been a fan of Mac and Cheese, the one at High Frequency blew me away. It tasted creamy, rich, cheesy and indulgent without feeling overly heavy. The salty bite from the beef rashers added an extra depth of flavour and textural contrast to the dish. I also loved that the macaroni still had a slight bite to it and wasn’t overly mushy which would’ve made the dish rather universal in texture. The same could be said about the angel hair pasta in the Mentaiko Pasta dish. Due to the thinness of the pasta, the creamy sauce coated it tremendously well. That being said, the addition of the mentaiko did lend it a fishy flavour which I personally loved but I would recommend trying this only if you love seafood. All in all, I highly recommend rounding up your friends at High Frequency as the portions were rather large and when it’s shared, surely the calories should be too.

#3. The Collective Wildflower

Pulled chicken sandwich

With a small, cozy space surrounded by flowers and serving simple, rustic food, having brunch at The Collective Wildflower leaves you feeling serene and relaxed. Not into heavy brunch or just want something a little healthier? This may be the place you’ve been looking for.

Location: In the former Royal Brunei Recreation Club building.

Cost: The pulled chicken sandwich with house salad was BND7.90.

Thoughts: The sandwich consists of pulled roasted chicken with strips of carrots, leeks, red onions and aioli (garlic mayo) on turkish bread. The bread here was toasted just right with a light crisp on the outside while the inside remained fresh, soft and chewy. The bread itself also had a very light herby and sesame aroma which added a savoury component to the sandwich. The rest of the fillings were very lightly seasoned and I liked that the chicken did not have any of the unpleasant poultry smell I often find in roast chicken. The leeks were caramelised enough that it gave a mild onion aroma and sweetness to the sandwich while the raw red onions added a nice pungent crunch. Overall, this is a great option for those who are looking for something light and don’t like worrying about their waistline.

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