If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood … who you gonna call? Well, definitely not Pikachu or any of those loveably Pokémon  characters.

You’d call The Ghostbusters, of course!

With the newly-launched Augmented Reality (AR) game, Ghostbusters World, you’ll be able to catch ‘ghosts’ in the real world.

That’s right! You can now be a real-life Ghostbuster!

I downloaded the Android version of the game on Tuesday (October 23), and I can safely say that it’s more than just a clone of the wildly popular AR game from Niantic, Pokémon GO.

More Skills Required

For one thing, the mechanics in catching a ‘ghost’ is much more elaborate. It requires more skills than just tossing a Poké  ball.

In Ghostbusters World, you will have to reduce the ghost’s life before dragging it with your weapon towards your trap. But be warned these ghosts will fight back and you will have to dodge their attacks.

Speaking as a (formerly active) Pokémon GO  player, I must admit that the experience of catching these ghosts was truly satisfying.

Aside from this, all the other basics were the same – you wander around an environment in search of ghosts to capture with your proton pack. Just like how you would ‘hatch’ eggs to get Pokémon  characters by walking in Pokémon GO, you’ll be walking to ‘hatch’ Ecto Spheres for new ghost characters in Ghostbusters World.

What you can expect to see when playing the Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game, ‘Ghostbusters World’ (Photo: Android Police)

Is Ghostbusters World Here To Stay?

When Pokémon GO  first came to the picture, everyone thought that it was just a fad. But fast forward 2 years and it’s evident that Pokémon GO  is here to stay.

How successful has Pokémon GO  been? Well, according to a report, it has earned US$1.8 billion in revenue since its launch in July 2016. Players spend about US$2 million each day, with the majority of that money coming from the US and Japan.

Will the Ghostbusters World  game be here to stay or will it soon be brushed aside like other Pokémon GO  wanna-be (copycat) games such as Jurassic World Alive (see photo below).

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(Photo: iMore)