Recently, Avenue 41 made headlines everywhere for bringing home one of Japan’s most prestigious design awards, Good Design for its outstanding brand as a studio space. No doubt, an incredible milestone for the parties involved, but what made the win so important was that it was also a leap forward for Brunei’s creative scene having been recognised by an international committee.

Truth be told, the creative landscape in Brunei still leaves much room to grow, but that is not to say it’s not growing entirely. If the recent turn-up of other creative platforms such as Sound & Canvas (by Sandy Tan) and Creative Space Brunei (by Osveanne) over the last year is any indication of growth, Brunei has definitely come a long way since in enabling the creative community.

Plus, if the story behind Avenue 41 has also taught us something here at Neue, is that it’s always easy to be the pessimist.

Optimism takes courage, and that’s the very essence upon which a place like Avenue 41 was built.

Beyond the space, a massive wooden door welcomes all those brimmed with ideas and creativity.

Courage that was carried by bold design to stir life into the creative scene and give the aspiring creators, performers and event planners of Brunei a place they can call their own. This was the vision award winners, Hoco Agency and Luxe Development shared in mind, and it echoes even in their tagline: “Create. Share. Inspire.”

Avenue 41 is not just a studio space, because it’s trying to send a message. It wants you to get up, pick up your pens and brushes, your picks and guitars and start creating something. Because no matter what it is, there will always be a place for it. And that’s inspiring.

With a win at Good Design, let’s hope we continue to see more passionate platforms like Avenue 41 rise up to the call of helping Brunei’s creative scene flourish one day.

It may only take 2 hands to make a clap, but it certainly takes 20 to make an applause.

Exhibit, host or gather – the space is anything you want it to be, as far as your imagination takes you.