DC’s latest superhero film, “Aquaman” will be hitting cinemas soon.

In the run-up to its worldwide premiere, Neue will be taking a closer look at Aquaman (aka Arthur Curry) – a character that has often been made fun of a lot since his debut in 1941, especially in pop culture.

Here are some reasons why Aquaman deserves your respect:

#1. He’s One Of Justice League Founding Members

Some may not know that Aquaman was one of the seven founding members of the original Justice League of America (JLA), as well as some of the new version of the Justice League in the New 52 universe.

Being a founding member of the JLA, Aquaman is one of the seven titans who stand above the rest of the heroes on the JLA roster. A symbol of resilience, strength, and leadership, Aquaman’s position on the JLA has not only shaped his own comics, but the heroes surrounding him.

While serving on the roster of the JLA, Aquaman has been present for many of the biggest and best storylines in all of DC. Holding his own weight, and sometimes far surpassing the heroes around him in strength, Aquaman has continuously earned his keep against villains like Darkseid, Starro, and the Crime Syndicate. (Source: Screenrant)

#2. Jason Momoa … Need We Say More?

(Source: DC Comics)

In his live-action theatrical debut, Aquaman was brought to life by Jason Momoa in the 2016 film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

Momoa was best known for playing Khal Drogo in HBO’s “Game of Thrones”.

Momoa’s cameo as Aquaman in Batman V Superman gave us a glimpse at the character we would be seeing in both the Justice League and Aquaman movies. Gone was his shortly cropped blonde look, as it was replaced by a dark mane of sun-kissed hair. His signature cleanly shaven face was no more, giving way to an unkempt beard.

According to a report, he was given an assortment of tribal tattoos that mimicked the scales of his traditional armor, but spent most of his time shirtless, choosing to only wear pants. It would seem as if Warner Bros created the look out of nowhere, but that isn’t the case.

In an attempt to broaden Aquaman’s fan base in the ’90s, writer Peter David chose to steer clear of the cliché Golden Age character design for Arthur Curry in his comic. Instead he gave the character long blonde hair and a matching beard. Along with the make-over came an attitude adjustment, as the character became decidedly more brooding, preferring isolation to human contact.

#3. He Can Lift Buildings

(Source: DC Comics)

According to DC’s Wiki, Aquaman is 150 times stronger than a human. This massive strength allows him to lift and hold up buildings, freighters, oil rigs, and other structures that weigh thousands of tonnes.

#4. He Has A Standing Army At His Disposal

(Source: Ap2hyc)

Aquaman could order legions of Atlantean warships to attack every coastal armed forces base on the planet. Good luck fighting them. They can dive further than any bombs or submarines can reach. You can’t nuke them because they’re underwater and we need uncontaminated water to survive. Aquaman doesn’t have to fight the Legion of Doom. He can send a battalion of troops with advanced weaponry to do it for him.

#5. Positive Reactions To Aquaman Movie

According to a report, the general consensus is that the film is bigger and crazier than any DC Extended Universe (DCEU) movie before it and that director James Wan has created an amazing underwater world.

Here are some Twitter reactions:

#6. He’s Not Opposed To Killing

(Source: GamersDecide)

This photo says it all. You don’t want to get on Aquaman’s bad side. Why? Well, he once commanded sharks to tear a villain apart. Yikes!

#7. He’ll Throw A Bear At You

In a comic published back in 1942, a group of criminals were hunting seals in order to make money off their fur.

Aquaman got word of this and headed over as quickly as he could. He sees the hunters in the distance, just as he’s crossing paths with a polar bear who is not in the best of moods.

Rather than possibly be delayed by said bear in a confrontation and give the hunters a chance to escape, he solves both problems at once … by throwing the bear at the hunters like a javelin! (Source: Newsrama)

#8. He Can Take On Superman

(Source: DC Comics)

With a body that’s able to survive and thrive in deep sea pressure, Aquaman is undeniably tough. While he and Superman are more often allies than opponents, Arthur has shown that he’s able to hold his own in a fist fight against the Man of Steel.

Aquaman landed a few haymakers on Superman in stories such as Justice League’s “Throne of Atlantis” and in his Rebirth title. While the jury is still out on who would ultimately win an all-out battle, they’d likely come to a judges’ decision in a boxing bout. (Source: Ranker)

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