Fluffy was found frozen solid in a heap of snow in Kalispell, Montana (Photos courtesy of Animal Clinic of Kalispell)

We’ve all heard the saying, “A cat has 9 lives.”

I’ve always wondered whether there was any truth to this.

However, after reading what Fluffy the Cat went through, we here at Neue, have no doubt that some cats are just downright resilient!

According to a report by ABC News, the cat was found in a heap of snow in Kalispell, Montana, with her fur completely caked in ice on January 31, right around the time the polar vortex hit the US.

“I’ve never seen this. I’ve been in practice for almost 24 years and she was actually caked in ice, like those ice balls were caked on her all the way around her 360 degrees all the way around her,” Dr Jevon Clark was quoted as saying in another report. “Her temperature was so low our thermometer wouldn’t read it.”

Fluffy was frozen and unresponsive when she came into Dr Clark’s office.

Dr Clark said he and his associate, Dr China Corum, immediately took her temperature and put warm water on the cat. The vets also used heating pads and heated cages to help stimulate her.

Miraculously, the veterinarians managed to defrost Fluffy.

Fluffy gained consciousness at the clinic that afternoon, but the cat was still transferred to an emergency clinic because her body temperature remained extremely low, according to a Facebook post from the clinic.

Fluffy the cat has made an amazing, full recovery

Facebook user ‘Billie Alley McMinn’ in a comment said, “Poor baby Fluffy! She sure has a fighting spirit! I am so glad she is okay!”

Another commenter, on the other hand, was disgusted at how the newscasters could make funny responses over the story.

“What a girl! Too bad she had to suffer so much. It isn’t any fun being so close to death and your entire body beyond hyperthermic state. I couldn’t really get the newscasters’ funny response. A living creature had suffered and they were joking about its survival,” said Nora Temple.

According to CNN, Fluffy spent one night in the ER before returning home with her owners. The 3-year-old cat was mostly an outdoor cat that the owners “acquired” when they moved into their new home. Because the owners weren’t home at the time, they aren’t positive how Fluffy got stuck in the snow.

However, Neue has learnt that Fluffy would now live the rest of its 8 lives as an INDOOR cat.

Do you allow your pets to roam free outside your home? Or are they kept indoors all the time? What do you think of Fluffy’s tale of survival?

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