Dumbo, the lovable big-eared elephant, will be flying into cinemas this March 28. Check out the trailer above. (Doesn’t he simply look adorable?)

It’s been nearly 80 years since the Disney animation classic made its debut in 1941.

(This article is spoiler-free! So go ahead and read away!)

Classics such as the rag-surfing Aladdin, the “I’ll-Make-A-Man-Out-Of-You” Mulan and the physicsdefying Dumbo are just a few of the many classic films that are given the contemporary love of CGI (computer generated imagery).

Angelina Jolie is pictured with Knox Leon, Zahara Marley, Vivienne Marcheline and Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt at the world premiere of “Dumbo’ at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, USA (Source: Shutterstock)

The imminent release of the live-action Dumbo on March 28, 2019 has electrified a sense of reminiscence and excitement from people all over the globe. The reason for this wave of euphoria is owed to the fact that the classic is heavily awarded for pioneering a generation of animation in films.

The basic premise of Dumbo (2019) follows the train tracks of ‘circus-animals’, primarily surrounding a baby elephant with extraordinarily-large ears, thus being nicknamed “Dumbo” by the other elephants. The movie entrails the hardships that stand in the way of Dumbo but little did they know, Dumbo is not your average elephant.

The full cast has been revealed with Hollywood-heavy-hitters like Danny Devito as Medici (the circus ringleader) and Eva Green as Colette (the aerialist). The man directing the revival is none other than Tim Burton himself, known for his unique touch in films. (You can be sure that the movie’s in good hands.)

Promotional handout poster of “Dumbo” (2019)

Live-action Disney remakes actually began as early as 1996, with the release of ‘101 Dalmatians’. Yes, evidently it is about 101 Dalmatian dogs (which by the way look like mini spotted zebras!)

The short trailer for Dumbo (2019) has already rounded-up an overwhelming 12 million views on YouTube – blatant proof in the general enthusiasm encircling the movie. (Go to top of page to watch the trailer!)

My thoughts on it? Where’s Timothy Q Mouse who was prominently featured in the 1941 classic? 

The 1941 film’s brilliantly placed allegories are still relevant to this day, one of the many reasons why it remains as one of my cult-classics. There are no signs of slowing down in the (re)production of classic films from Disney, in this day-and-age of efficient technology, what classic would you like to have remade? Let us know at the comments!

(No Giant-Ear-Flapping-Flying-Elephants were harmed in the production of Dumbo 2019)

The 1941 Disney classic, “Dumbo” (Source: GIPHY)

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