You’re cycling down a quiet street, your rented bicycle has a rusted shade of dark navy blue.

The occasional bump on the age-long cement is nothing compared to the pot-hole filled roads of your metropolitan city.

A slight-chilling December breeze fills your 50-baht synthetic-cotton shirt, as you glide along the roads of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

From afar, you notice the road ahead has a tint of light-pink. As you slowly approach the odd-scenery, it starts to snow. (Wait, it doesn’t snow in Thailand!)

You stop pedalling, and you look around. You see petals with shades of pink, made to dance by the wind. Cherry blossom trees can be seen along the path. And in the cold-pink-winter of Thailand, you feel a warmth in your chest. (Yes! You’re glad you made that trip to Thailand.)

Did you know that Japan and Korea aren’t the only places where you can enjoy seeing cherry blossom? Check out these 3 Thailand hot-spots that are taking over! (However, do keep in mind that the blooming season is from December to January annually!)


Chiang Mai, found at the northern tip of Thailand, is home to an abundance of Himalayan Cherry-trees. The best moments to catch the pink blossoming blizzards are during the chilly days of December to January. The Khung Chang Khian Highland Agriculture Research Centre found within the boundaries of the University of Chiang Mai, Doi Inthanon National Park, Ban Luang, and Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station, Fang City are the places most worthy for your social media timeline. Entrance fees are 300 baht!

Chiang Rai

A close ‘200km’ proximity from Chiang Mai, a hidden tourist gemstone (cherry-coloured) can be found at the Northern-Eastern corners of Thailand, bordering Laos. The locals boast of having more ‘cherry’ trees compared to Chiang Mai, but equally, they’re both a stunning sight to catch. There is a 30 baht entrance fee to Doi Mae Salong, but aside from that, everywhere else is free of fees!


Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park, Phu Lom Lo is not playing around. Cherry blossoms amounting up to a 100,000 can be found in this mystical-forest of pink. The park squares up to a span of 1,200 hectares of ‘untouched by man’ land. (That’s 307 km² of land!) Try not to get lost in this forest of tropical trees, waterfalls, rock formations, and large splitting mountains! Believe me when is say 500 baht for this experience is well worth it!

How To Get There From Brunei?

Already packing your bags for one of these trips? Hold on there cowboy, we’ve done the crunching and research for you! There are a few ways you could get to these locations from Brunei.

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) will be able to fly you straight to Bangkok (the capital city of Thailand). But from thereon, you would have to take another flight to get to the various cherry blossom spots listed above.

AirAsia would be your best bet if you want to get to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, or Loei within a consecutive period of time. AirAsia flies from Brunei, a single-stop at Bangkok, and off to one of the locations. The flights would last for an average of 2 hours. (Give or take!)

If you, for some reason, do not want to take multiple flights after flying to Bangkok (air sick?), take comfort knowing that there are transit-buses and trains which can be found in Bangkok.

Have you made up your mind? Are you giddy on going to Thailand? Then there’s no time to waste! Go book your tickets now! (After all, it’s never too early to buy your air tickets well in advance!