If your interests fall between limited-edition sneakers and gobbling deep-fried-chicken, then this will shoe will definitely fit your size.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) still – to this day, stands as one of the leading empires in the fast-food industry, along with their signature titular-fried-chicken, and seasonal-loads of surprise menus, *Colonel Sander’s legacy doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

KFC Singapore is thinking out of the box – or should I say, out of the menu. In correlation to the release of KFC’s ‘Hot Blaze Grilled Chicken’, they’re releasing 8 limited-edition KFC themed sneakers! (Not edible!)

KFC has announced that the footwear is not for sale and that the only way to score a pair is by trying your luck in the #HotBlazedGrilled challenge.

Here’s what you have to do!

Residents in Singapore who are eager to cop a pair would have to:

– Snap a picture of yourself with KFC’s Hot Blazed Grilled Chicken

– Upload the picture on Facebook or Instagram

– Tag KFC with @kfc.sg (Facebook) or @kfc_sg (Instagram)

– Add #HotBlazedGrilled into your caption, and set your account to public.

– Submissions are only applicable from the 19th – 28th April 2019.

Adding a new meaning to a ‘Crisp’ look

This year alone, fast-food giants such as McDonald’s have expanded and experimented outside edible merchandise. A sensation on the rise, KFC’s yet to be named sneaker is attracting a large group of Singaporeans on Social Media, from fried-chicken-friends to sneakerheads, and sneakerheads who love fried chicken!

The sneaker comes in 2 different low-cut, prominently red & white designs, both paying homage to a Mr Colonel Harland David Sanders, the founder of this whole ‘Shindig’. On one, the all-too-timeless slogan “Finger-Lickin’ Good” plastered in different ‘Pop-Art’ designs all over the sneaker, while the other one has the face of Mr Sanders on the shoe holding a drumstick. (The chicken one)

Stoked for this funky foot-holder?

Currently, there aren’t any news of other branches across the world that are planning to release these sneakers, if you’re still avid on getting a pair, it’s time to book an air ticket to Singapore! (Click here to visit RB’s website)

What are your thoughts on these sneakers? Would you pay large-digits with many zeros for these bad-boys? Let us know!