Note: “Avengers: Endgame” will debut in Brunei on April 24, 2018.

Superheroes — what’s not to love about them? Capes, secret identities, mozzarella-filled taglines after beating the antagonist to a mashed pulp. But the non-fictional-history behind those masks falls way-back to the grim periods of discord, World War II to be explicit. The harrowing man-slaughter ushered-in an era of depression amongst the American Commonwealth, but piled under Propaganda posters & slogans, a certain Timely Comics, now widely known as Marvel Comics, distributed the first of its series, Captain America. Back to the Drawing Board!

“But — Hey that sounds like a complete rip-off of Captain America’s plot”, (Well Yeah) because that actually happened! The American youth, adults, and soldiers found that the Superheroes in Timely’s paperback embodied the ideal virtues and courage they needed to end the War’ring-conflict. Let’s hop-scotch a few decades, to today, so now, knowing the ‘Avengers’ have a deep-rooted backstory of helping real-life citizens in times of trouble, let’s get into character shall we […] “It looks like they’re the ones who are in trouble now!”

Pumped for Endgame? New to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Here’s a list of all the heroes and a short background to bring you up to speed!

#1. Black Widow

(Photos courtesy of Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom)

Natalia Alianovna “Natasha” Romanoff, or commonly known as the black-latex bottom-kicking “Black Widow” a top-tier spy-slash-assassin and one of the founding members of the Avengers.

Once, an agent for the Soviet Agency of Foreign Intelligence (KGB), who then, with contrast joined-hands with S.H.I.E.L.D, an International Counter-Intelligence agency. An ex-KGB, trained with bone-breaking martial arts and a personal ‘Widow’s Bite’, a highly-dangerous electrocuting weapon, Black Widow became one of S.H.I.E.L.D’s most efficient agents.

#2. Captain America

The Cap’ himself, Captain Steven Grant “Steve” Rogers, is the only World War II Veteran alive (aside from Bucky), an Avenger’s founding member, and Earth’s first ever (manufactured) Superhero.

During the Second-World-War, Rogers suffered from plenty, health problems and bullying, and was initially rejected from Military Service for he was unfit. Rogers eager to fight for his country underwent inhumane experiments conducted by the Strategic Scientific Reserve, injecting Rogers with the Super Soldier Serum, which miraculously gifts Rogers with Superhuman physical-performance, born anew, the alias Captain America ‘shielded’ America from harm.

#3. Ant-Man

The not-so-minuscule Scott Edward Harris Lang, before ‘growing’ his Morals, was a lawbreaker; a ‘robin-hood’ kind of criminal, who was convinced by the CEO of Pym Technologies, Hank Pym to take on the role as the Ant-Man with the use of Pym-particles and the Ant-Man suit. Lang was recruited by Falcon to aid Captain American during Avengers: Civil War.

#4. Hawkeye

Clinton Francis “Clint” Barton, a sharpshooter known as “Hawkeye” was a former special agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, a dang good bowsman, and one of the founding members of Avengers.

Hawkeye and his choice of weapon, the bow and arrow, became, pinpoint, one of the best agents at S.H.I.E.L.D, where he recruited Black Widow, who now is one of his closest friends. “Hawkeye” was living happily in retirement with his family, when a sudden re-recruitment by Captain America, during Avengers: Civil War forced Hawkeye to once again, pick up his bow.

#5. The Hulk

The Big — Green Fighting Machine, Robert Bruce Banner, an M.D and PhD holding scientist who specialises in Biochemistry, Nuclear Physics, and Gamma Radiation, (Big words) and is also one of the founding members of Avengers.

Bruce was tasked in recreating the Super Soldier Serum, unbeknownst to Bruce, he was being subjugated to high levels of Gamma radiation, which caused the whole experiment to go awry. Affected the most, Bruce, a rather relaxing scientist found that when angered, provoked or excited, he would transform into a much-larger, rage-induced, and almost mindless creature, the Hulk.

#6. M’Baku

The Jabari Tribe, founded by a group of Wakandans who consciously remove themselves from the mainstream technologically society of Wakanda, under an iron-fist, M’Baku leads the tribe.

After a challenge for the Wakandan Throne, T’Challa (Black Panther) was challenged by M’Baku into a trial by combat which M’Baku lost. Later into the plot of Black Panther, T’Challa finds for support from M’Baku to help defend Wakanda from Erik Killmonger, who they subsequently defeat, earning M’Baku a seat on the Tribal Council.

#7. Rocket Racoon

Don’t take this little-cuddle 89P13 genetically enhanced racoon lightly, he rathers the name Rocket. A freelance criminal alongside his partner Groot turned towards the Guardians of the Galaxy after meeting Star-Lord.

After genetical enhancements, Rocket was recovered by alien scientists where he was further experimented on until Rocket achieved sentient levels of Intelligence. However, after being a mole of torture and abuse, Rocket developed a violent and chaotic persona, which further drove him into becoming a mercenary (with a Criminal Record to boot!)

#8. Nebula

Another baddie turned Good Guy (Girl, Cyborg), Nebula, a Luphomoid assassin, also the adopted daughter of the Intergalactic Tryant (and main bad-guy) Thanos, and adopted sister to Gamora.

Nebula initially fought the Guardians of the Galaxy under the wing of Ronan the Accuser during the Battle of Xandar. After Nebula’s catfight with Gamora, Nebula was captured by the Sovereign, cooperated with Taserface, tried to kill Gamora again, then finally, after the Battle on Ego’s (another Villain) planet, Nebula teamed up with the Guardians to fight Thanos.

#9. War Machine

Colonel James Rupert “Rhodey” Rhodes is an officer of the United States Air Force while being a middle-man between both the Military (Dept of Acquisitions) and Starks Industry, where he was soon acquainted and became close friends with Tony Stark.

When Tony was kidnapped by the Terrorist organisation Ten Rings, Rhodes personally led a mission to rescue him. Upon saving Tony, and Tony’s epiphany to become Iron Man, Rhodes was initially against the idea of being a ‘hero’ but soon joins Tony by getting into an Iron Suit, becoming War Machine.

#10. Pepper Potts

The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Stark Industries, Virginia “Pepper” Potts was once a personal assistant to Tony Starks, but after some misadventures, Pepper becomes good friends, which soon develops a romantic relationship with Tony Starks.

#11. Wong

A Master in the Mystic Arts, alongside Kamar-Taj, Wong became the now highly-protective keeper of all the ancient books, after the previous librarian was murdered by Kaecilius. This was when he met Doctor Strange and assisted in both his studies and in protecting the New Year Sanctum.

#12. Happy Hogan

Harold Joseph “Happy” Hogan is was previously, a personal bodyguard and Head of Security of Stark Industries, but now, his personal chauffeur and best friend. Happy was in charge of Stark’s mentorship over Peter Parker, (Spiderman) aiding Peter on his trip to Germany, where Spiderman eventually earns his trust and respect.

#13. Iron Man

The main star of the franchise, Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark is not just a playboy billionaire, he’s also an inventor! (and Iron Man or something) Stark was one of the first founding members of the Avengers.

Tony’s family tree is no ordinary one, coming from Stark, Howard Stark, the now deceased owner of Stark Enterprise, the (fictional) Americas biggest weapons manufacturer. Stark was initially (and sometimes still is), blinded by his wealth, but after a traumatic kidnapping by the Ten Rings, to which he barely escaped, Stark reevaluated his life and stopped poofing out new blueprints for weapons, instead, he became a weapon, a weapon that will not pit humanity together, but protect them.

#14. Okoye

Marvel in recent times, has been dishing out strong women heroes, one of them is bluntly named Okoye. A general of the Dora Milaje, and the head of Wakanda’s armed forces & intel. Having been by T’Challa’s side since his coronation as the Black Panther, and the rise of Erik Killmonger, Okoye fights for what is deemed right.

#15. Thor

The God of Thunder, Son of Odin — Thor Odinson is the current King that sits on the throne of Asgard.

Before he was King, Thor had an immature demeanour, his acts waged a war between Asgard and Jotunheim, alas then Thor was denied the right to ever be King and was shortly banished by his Father, Odin, to Earth. While on exile, Thor learned humility and what it takes to be a hero on Earth, which earned back Odin’s trust. After regaining his true-full Godly Lightning powers, Thor brawled with his Brother, Loki, which ended with Loki’s defeat.

#16. Valkyrie

Her name, Brunnhilde was an Asgardian Valkyrie, an elite group of women warriors that rode pegasuses. After the fall and death of the Valkyries by the thorns of Hela, she then took refuge in the planet Sakaar as a bounty hunter as a way of self-exile for her failure. Under an Alias Scrapper 142, Valkyrie found Thor and sold him to the Grandmaster of Sakaar, but albeit, Valkyrie joined forces with Thor to take down Hela in Asgard. Joining Thor and the Asgardians as they headed towards Earth, leaving the ruins of Asgard behind.

#17. Captain Marvel

Captain Carol Danvers, but known to the whole world recently, with a new release of “Captain Marvel”. A former United States Air Force pilot who was accidentally exposed to the energy of the Tesseract obtained her cosmic-like superpowers.

Upon a hybrid blood transfusion between Kree-Human, she had her memories removed, turning her into a super-weapon. But shortly after, Carol returns to Earth and starts remembering her past. She then soon learns of her manipulation, as she has been killing innocents, she unlocks her true powers and prevented the Kree invasion onto Earth, which was led by Ronan the Accusor, after she deemed victorious, Carol flew off to the far reaches of Space, to complete what her late mentor Mar-Vell sought to finish.

In the reeling Finale of Avengers, also ironically named End Game, it ended with Thanos gaining all ‘Infinity-Stones’, with a snap, half of all sentient life were disintegrated to dust. With such havoc installed, the fragmented and few left must take one last stand against the Tyrant, Thanos.

From trailers and teasers released about the End Game, we still have little to no knowledge of what is going to happen. Similarly, like Game of Thrones, we expect many and much-loved heroes are to parish in this Finale. Neue has decided that we won’t be including any spoilers of the movie, even after its release. So what will the Avengers do? What plans do they have left? Do they even have a plan? Well, the only way to find out is to watch it when its out!

Which of these heroes are you most excited to see in “Avengers: Endgame”? Tell us in the comments below!

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