Ever wished you could stick a thumb out into the searing traffic of a busy Manhattan street and after a few awkward smiles, hail a yellow cab that chariots you to your favourite coffee den? You’ll be able to do that in Brunei too! (Just minus the thumb-sticking!) Dart Brunei gives car-less inhabitants (as well as those with cars but who just can’t be bothered to drive on their own) the freedom to wander the roads of Brunei, for a price.

It was nearing the rise of the day’s panning morning, the only noticeable creaks in the office were the occasional grumbles of the printer and the constant howls of the air-conditioner; though heat still got in somehow.

Time was deliberately moving slowly, that much I knew, as I nervously flicked-a-look at the time every few seconds or so. Irritated, I snagged on my headphones and started typing away. Time seems to have gotten bored of keeping me in check and in-no-time, it was already lunch.

Hunger came like a truck, groaning, I whipped out my phone and thought of booking a Dart, that’s when it hit me – to document myself ‘Dart-ing’ for a week, from the office at Kiarong to the plentiful restaurants, stalls, kopitiams, and cafes in Brunei. (Plus, pay-day was close!)

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June 10, Monday

The afternoon’s sun was out and my tummy yearned for some Thien Thien Chicken Rice, the Bruneian staple hot-spot, and their oh-so-savoury rice. (Editor’s note: He went for another plate after writing this!)

Alas, I booked a Dart to the Kiulap branch, which was $5.50 for a one-way trip. After an hour-or-so of gluttony, I Dart-ed my way back to the office, which was another $5.50.

Total spent on Dart: $11 BND

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June 11, Tuesday

As the moon slept, while the sun rose, a new day had arrived. This time around, my stomach wasn’t keen on getting another food-comatose, but in return, my eyes felt like curtains pulled shut. Lunch came, I, slowly-but-surely booked myself a Dart to The Library Cafe – a sanctum for those who yearn for a pick-me-up, while unwinding from the stressors of work.

The Dart was to take me to The Mall, Gadong, a $5 ride away from the office. Upon reaching, I immediately ordered a nice iced cold Americano, got comfy in a seat and spaced-out with soft music in the background. The trip back was $5.50, but this time I was revitalised!

Total spent on Dart: $10.50 BND

June 12, Wednesday

I brought my own lunch-box to work. (What? You want to know what I brought? It was a peanut butter sandwich!)

Total spent on Dart: $0 BND

June 13, Thursday

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The fourth day of the week was a hush in the office, a silence broken by the sounds of crunching. A colleague of mine was chomping down a whole bag of potato chips, the sight itself was enough to leave a sour taste in my mouth.

That settled it, I booked a Dart to Little Audrey’s, a lean-and-clean diner in Kiulap.

The trip to Little Audrey’s at Kiulap was $5. Upon entering, I had all the greens my body needed dearly and paid the bills. Darting back was a pretty lukewarm $5.

Total spent on Dart: $10 BND

June 14, Friday

After days of relishing in the comforts of back-seat cushions, it’s finally the last day of the Dart-for-a-week experiment. (Editor’s note: Neue’s writer, Sebastian, enjoys a 5-day work week here, so as far as he’s concerned, he had completed his one-week assignment!)

To end this observation, I decided to spend the last Dart-lunch at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Dart-ing to The Mall, Gadong was still $5.50, I got myself a mocha latte, sat at a nice little corner table, and read a book. The trip back to the office in Kiarong was $6.

Total spent on Dart: $11.50 BND

My final thoughts

After spending a week of my early-afternoons inside a Dart cabby speaking and listening to the many stories of the Bruneians who some, work a part-time gig, whereas some take on a full-whole-day job. Of all the small talk that I’ve had with them, some were up-right happy, while some were sombre. This gave me, an everyday average Joe, an insight into the many hardships that these drivers go through, on a daily basis.

Brunei is a small nation, but the roads and parkings are filled, inch-to-inch with cars of all shapes and sizes. You may be thinking, why bother Dart-ing around when you’ve got a car?

Well, I can’t give you a definite answer, but what I can tell you is that not everyone has the liberty or the ability to drive around as they please.

So till then … let’s Dart, shall we?

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