Every once in a while something comes along that makes you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Well, as far as I’m concerned, this was one of those moments.

My whole world was flipped “upside down” when I saw an ad from Burger King (see Instagram post below).

You’re probably thinking, “Well, that’s just weird!”

I stumbled upon this from CNN, which reported that Burger King (US) would be serving for a limited time an “Upside-Down Whopper”.

It is essentially just a regular Whopper served with the bottom of the bun on the top of the burger and the top of the bun on the bottom.

And I know what you’re thinking! (Yes! It’s just like a normal Whopper, but upside-down!)

But first, some context!

The Upside-Down is an alternative universe in “Stranger Things”, a show set in the 1980s that centres around the lives of four adolescent boys and their friends.

The TV hit series will be returning for a third season on Netflix on July 4. (Check out the official trailer below!)

If the upside-down part of the promotion isn’t grabbing people, then perhaps the nostalgia factor might. After all, the upside-down Whoppers will be served with Burger King’s classic packaging from the mid-1980s. (This is great news if you’re a big time collector!)

Trust me! It’s going to be hard to acquire these limited edition packaging. (It is only available in the US, it will be limited to only 11 locations!)

Why 11, you ask? Well, it’s actually a nod to ‘Eleven’, a fictional character from ‘Stranger Things’. Portrayed by actress Millie Bobby Brown, she is a girl with psychokinetic and telepathic abilities.

Reactions to BK’s upside-down promo?

Needless to say, social media’s reaction has been amusing.

Some just didn’t see what the big deal was:

And then there are those who are just trolling around:

However, one comment that caught my attention was this:

You’re probably not eating your burger right

Could this really be true?

According to an article published by CNET, one of the main reasons for this flip-side way of eating a burger is that the crown, or top of the bun, is usually thicker than the bottom, or heel.

“The thicker, top part of the burger bun, food experts say, can better withstand all the meat and vegetable juices and condiments than the thinner bottom of the bun that gets soggier more quickly,” the report added.

“The crown will then hold the weight of everything else, and there is less likelihood of it falling apart in your hands,” Simon Dukes, founder of the Burger Lad blog, was quoted as saying in an interview with Business Insider.

“A true burger connoisseur should always eat their burgers upside down. At first, I would have said that this is ridiculous. I’ve always eaten burgers the ‘proper way’. But it actually makes sense,” he added.

Is #UpsideDownBurger for you?

Need more reasons to give the #UpsideDownBurger a go? Well, here’s a coupon that which was made public on IG by Burger King Brunei.

Have you ever eaten burgers upside down? How was it? It is truly a life hack or just utter nonsense? Do tell us in the comments below or share photos of your upside-down burgers to Neue via Facebook or Instagram.

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