The third quarter of 2019 jumped all of us and demanded we spend a chunk of our salary to indulge in a new smartphone gimmick.

Persuaded, you get in your car, swerve through the jam-infested streets, and make your way to one of the many smartphone retails. 

You take a glance behind the glass and suddenly find yourself inside the store. You’re lost in selection; smartphones the size of two-palms to a finger, the specifications and numbers give you vertigo and you walk out in heads-down embarrassment. 

But Neue’s here to help.

We’ve bent the rules of space and time to come up with 5 different situations with 5 different smartphones, so that you can pick out the perfect handheld device!

Situation #1: Get yourself a +1

You’ve been meaning to swap out your old brick phone for something more sleek and trendy. You go through catalogues and articles on smartphones, but end up with a migraine on the price tags and over-functionalities. Someone recommends you to Mobile World Brunei. You take a step in and something catches your eye. 

“This is the latest OnePlus 7 Pro,” the salesperson squires.

You feel the smartphone on your palm, it’s rather light and tight on the grip.

The salesperson interjects, telling you that the OnePlus 7 Pro is an all rounded piece of tech.

After all, it does boast high quality displays, camera and other core standards that would certainly put it head-to-head against other existing leading smartphones such as the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S10.

Mobile World Brunei wavers the OnePlus 7 Pro for a cool $1,199 BND. You are immediately sold, and with a swipe of a card, you’re more than satisfied for a high-end for a lower price smartphone.

Situation #2: An Honor-able view

You’ve never been too keen in following up with smartphones, but life calls you to get a better phone. Time after time, friends of yours have brought up Honor, but it flies over your head. “What does honor (US spelling) or honour (UK spelling) have to do with phones?” 

This time, you make a stand. You make your way to Mobile World Brunei to look for a smartphone which does its job and does not have too much frills to it. The salesperson tells you that the Huawei Honor View 20 is just up your alley, coincidence? You try the Android phone out, and you’re surprised by its overall quality. When you turn the phone around, you see the glistening flow of the chevron metal, cascading downwards like a stream, very nice.


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Currently going for 569 BND for the 6GB RAM/128GB internal storage model and 695 BND for the 8GB RAM/256GB internal storage model, you’ll get the perfect tool you need for your everyday outs & bouts, plus the overall built of the smartphone.

Situation #3: In a Galaxy far, far away 

You’re a big Samsung fan, you’ve been using their smartphones since the beginning. But after a few bad experiences with previous models, you’ve lost some small hope on Samsung. 

You made your way to CityMobile Brunei for a more personal experience. But once you’ve made your way inside, you ask the salesperson for opinions on a good device. They push you over to the Samsung S10, but you told them on your previous experiences. Without a flinch, they run you through the specifications, from an outstanding camera; performing build, and a crystal clear display. Though the price may be a little steep.

Starting from $1,199 BND, you think over it twice. But you’ve told yourself that you deserve this, the Samsung S10 stands out for its seamless build. (You’re starting to feel like you’ve been in this position before)

Situation #4: 10 times the Zoooooooooom! 

After mulling over countless smartphones for a good quality, high pixel-count camera, you start to feel like you’re never going to find the one. Though you were willing to give it one last shot.

You find yourself behind the wheels driving towards Mobile World Brunei. You briskly walk into the store, looking around for what you need. Now you see it, the Huawei P30 sitting on the freshly opened case. They tell you that the phone shares multiple similarities from its predecessor P20, but the P30 is equipped with 10x more optical zoom with an out-of-this-world pixel-perfect quality. 

Huawei P30 (Source: Tech Advisor)

Going for $899 BND, you pick it up and instantly buy it. For a reasonable price, you get a scope-long camera and a phone. (This feels oddly familiar!)

Situation #5: Looking good!

Now you’re an ordinary lad(y) who just wants to get a good-looking phone with an overall lean & clean out-and-in look. Off you go to Mobile World Brunei.

Once you’re there you take a look around, you eye a familiar logo. A crisp white Apple with a bitten side. When you pick up the iPhone XS, you felt like a different person. The salesperson accommodates, telling you that the XS is Apple’s flagship smartphone, with an appealing OLED display. Condensing a Face ID feature which unlocks the phone by shooting infrared lights to your face. The XS is a flawless handheld piece. Though the price will shock you.

Going for $1,655 BND for a 64-GB model, you were hesitant. But brushed it off with thoughts of luxury. For a high price, the phone is equivalently built to the price. (You notice that something’s off, you feel like you’re trapped in a perpetual cycle of situations!)

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