Surely! Money makes the world go round! I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow. But swallow it we must! Drink it down with a glass of water, and drain it to its very last drop. Call that a first tip if you will.

College can be a money-sucking-vacuum when it comes to your daily expenses, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some nifty tips on cutting your spendings as a student!

A Budget Planner

Call it tedious and dull, but drawing up a spending planner can make your life a little less frugal. There isn’t a fixed template to how budget planners must look. It can even be on a piece of paper! 

Start by planning out the months, then narrow it down to the average payment per month. And Voila! You’ve just got yourself a planner, plus a handful of saved cash.

Spend Smartly 

Before you go running into stores with green eyes, take a step back and reflect on the bills. No shame in that! Do make it a point to look around for stores with student discounts. In this age, retail stores often carry student discounts that are bound to make your wallet or purse happy. 

When you’re looking around for appliances and goodies, check sites and compare the prices and costs of each item. Online shopping is a boon for all who tread carefully … sometimes even cheaper than retail stores!

Remember how I said to hit the brakes before running in and blowing away your monthly allowance? Well, that one’s an important one. It’s best to always take a step back before purchasing something that is way off your budget. Sleep on it! Give yourself a few day’s grace before asking yourself if that purchase is really necessary. 

Get A Part-Time Job

A novel way to save money is to start earning more. As a student, it is advised that you work only on the longer holidays, seeing how a daily part-time job would only burn you out and cause you much stress. A good place to start looking for work is at any retail store, as they have staff discounts on clothes, a win-win for everyone!

Cut Down On Bills 

A start would be to look at your weekly shopping list. When shopping for groceries, make it a point to weigh out the differences between brands. In doing so, you stand to save heaps of cash while making the weekly grocery trip! Downgrading your groceries does not have to mean ruining the overall taste!

When using Dart, Brunei’s mobile ride-hailing app, why not travel in groups and split the Dart car ride cost amongst yourselves? In the long run, you’ll be travelling more with a fraction of the cost. (Well, that is if every one of your friends chips in!)

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Be Strict With Your Spending

And lastly, it’s a general rule of the thumb to have a good plan ahead and abstain from spending large amounts of money without first sleeping on it. Think of what you are cutting off from your list of necessities and be creative in creating your budget plan! 

It’s like the Malay saying that goes: “Lama-lama menjadi bukit” (Little by little, it’ll gradually become a mountain.)

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