Last month, Hong Kong martial arts superstar Donnie Yen nailed the #BottleCapChallenge … blindfolded!

Why blindfolded, you ask? Well, we here at Neue are assuming that he probably wanted to “shield” his eyes from his … mobile phone.

What mobile phone, you ask? It could very well be a 24-karat GOLD variant of Huawei’s flagship phone, the P30 Pro.

Donnie, who is best known for his portrayal of ‘Ip Man’ – the Wing Chun grandmaster best-known for teaching martial arts to the legendary Bruce Lee – was seen holding the gold P30 Pro with his name engraved onto the gold casing.

(Photos courtesy of HuaweiCentral)

According to a report published on HuaweiCentral.com, it is believed that the phone was customised by Gold Elite Paris, a company that’s known for its gold customisation of mobile phones.

The price of Donnie’s extravagant-looking mobile phone has not been made public. (But you’re more than welcome to take a wild guess how much it must have cost!)

Not bad for someone who once only had HK$100 ($18 Brunei dollars) to his name when he was trying to break into the Hong Kong film industry! (Don’t you agree?)

While it may be a challenge for you to acquire this particular gold mobile phone from this part of the world, we here at Neue would like you to take comfort knowing that you can (at least) own a ‘normal’ P30 Pro.

All you have to do is drop by your nearest mobile phone store.

At the time that this article was uploaded, the friendly team from Ten Ten Stores, a Brunei mobile phone outlet that has branches at  Setia Kenangan 2 in Kiulap and OneCity Sungai Hanching, informed Neue that as part of its “end of month shocking deals” the Huawei P30 Pro (8GB RAM + 256GB) was currently priced at $1,129.

(No word on whether they will be selling the GOLD Huawei P30 Pro thought!)

One review of the mobile that was published on AndroidAuthority.com summed it up best: The Huawei P30 Pro feels in many ways like the “superhero of the smartphone world”.

A ‘superhero’ smartphone for a ‘super’ martial artist … Fitting, don’t you agree?

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Come to think of it, are mobile phones a luxury or a necessity?

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