When people think of curry puffs in Brunei, more often than not, two particular names come to mind – ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’ and ‘The Currypuff Factory’.

Admittedly, there is some confusion among the public about these two curry puff companies. But I won’t be digging too much into this, as I’m only interested in one thing … the taste factor!

What’s the difference between the two?

Aside from, obviously, the recipes, it’s the number of curry puff flavours that are available to the public.

The last time I checked, ‘The Currypuff Factory’ has four varieties of curry puffs, whereas ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’ offers as many as 12 flavours, including both sweet and savoury fillings.

For this article, I will only be comparing four different varieties of curry puffs – (1) Chicken Curry Puff, (2) Sardine Curry Puff, (3) Ayam Rendang Curry Puff and (4) Beef Curry Puff.

Disclaimer: Please note that all opinions and views shared in this article are my own and according to my own subjective taste. Regardless, I’d still love to hear your opinions on which curry puffs are your absolute favourite. So do drop a comment below or reach out to Neue via Facebook or Instagram.

Without further ado, let the battle of Brunei’s best curry puffs begin!

Round #1 – Chicken Curry Puff

Chicken Curry Puff from ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’ (Left) and ‘The Currypuff Factory’ (Right) – Photos: Da’ Food Enthusiast

For the ones served at ‘The Currypuff Factory’, I must say that the curry sauce was spot on! It’s honestly what I’d expect when ordering a chicken curry dish. Though admittedly it’s more on the “sweeter” side. The chicken meat in the curry puff is also finely shredded.

The ones served at ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’, meanwhile, are filled with chicken bits that are fairly larger with a faint reddish colour. While the meat has its own kind of subtle taste, I must say that the sauce was just ok for me. The ‘wow’ factor just wasn’t there for me when compared to the ones at ‘The Currypuff Factory’.

Who wins this round? ‘The Currypuff Factory’

Round #2 – Sardine Curry Puff

Sardine Curry Puff from ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’ (Left) and ‘The Currypuff Factory’ (Right)

The sardine filling in the curry puff from ‘The Currypuff Factory’ is very delicious! The tomato sauce is yummy and oh so savoury! The curry puff, which is fully loaded with sardine meat, has a tinge of spiciness, but not too overwhelming.

For the ones at ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’, I noticed traces of boiled egg whites in the sardine filling. I’m not sure if that was used as some sort of filler. Perhaps even this may have impacted the overall taste of the curry puff.

Compared to the ones at ‘The Currypuff Factory’, in my personal opinion, the sardine curry puffs here just weren’t that delicious.

Who’s victorious? ‘The Currypuff Factory’

3. Ayam Rendang Curry Puff

Ayam Rendang Curry Puff from ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’ (Left) and ‘The Currypuff Factory’ (Right)

When compared side-by-side, the Ayam Rendang Curry Puff from ‘The Currypuff Factory’ may look smaller compared to the one served at ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’.

This is one scenario where size doesn’t matter. Allow me to explain.

In terms of taste, the ayam rendang I feel is absolutely spot on! Just like its chicken curry, the sauce in this curry puff is what you’d expect rendang would taste like. Y’know … with spices, kerisik (toasted grated coconut) and all. Admittedly, it is more on the dry side and isn’t as saucy as the one served at ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’.

The ones served at ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’ has more sauce and is comparably ‘wetter’ compared to the one served at ‘The Currypuff Factory’.

In terms of taste, I must say that the ones at ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’ fell short, as far as ‘kerisik’ is concerned. They opted to use mushrooms instead for reasons that I fail to comprehend.

For me personally, this combo just doesn’t work … it just makes the rendang taste weird. Yes, while the rendang still tastes ok, I’m just not a fan of the mushrooms. (It’s an additional flavour that should not be there in the first place!)

So who deserves this crown? ‘The Currypuff Factory’

Round #4 – Beef Curry Puff

Beef Curry Puff from ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’ (Left) and ‘The Currypuff Factory’ (Right)

Now before you accuse of not showing any love for ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’. I want to go on the record to say that I absolutely enjoyed the Beef Curry Puffs from them!

Why, you ask? Well, the Beef Curry Puffs here are very meaty, like actual bite-sized pieces. However, on the flip side, there isn’t much potato in them. In terms of the curry, it has a mild taste. (The curry in the one from ‘The Currypuff Factory’, meanwhile, has a more pronounced, bolder taste!)

However, if you’re looking for more potatoes, then you should turn your attention to the ones served at ‘The Currypuff Factory’, which in my opinion, isn’t as meaty as the ones from ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’.

Who comes out top? ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’

Final Thoughts

‘The Currypuff Factory’ in Kiulap

If we are judging solely based on the four flavours, the clear winner in my books has to be ‘The Currypuff Factory’.

The curry puff filings served at ‘The Currypuff Factory’ were a delight to my palate but in terms of pastries, it’s a tie for both of them. I absolutely loved the flaky pastries! Honestly speaking, they are indeed some of the best that you can find in Brunei! Wouldn’t you agree?

However, as far as being spoilt for choice is concerned, I’d have to give the crown to ‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’. (Come on! They have up to 12 flavours!) They even have sweet fillings for their curry puffs, which in my opinion, is a great addition apart from savoury ones.

To be honest, I find it absolutely amusing that you can visit these two curry puff shops in Kiulap – they are literally just a stone’s throw away from each other.

Let’s now take a look at the shape and size of the curry puffs served at these two establishments.

‘The Currypuff Factory’ sticks to just the same shape for their curry puffs and use coloured dots (or no dots) to differentiate the flavours. The curry puffs at ‘The Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’, meanwhile, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In terms of pricing, they are fairly the same.

So ultimately, at the end of the day, which curry puff you end up getting comes down to your personal preference. Whatever your choice may be, I’m sure that you would be happy with either one of them. I’m so proud that these two curry puff brands are Brunei’s very own.

‘Old Klang Rd Currypuffs’ (Kiulap branch)