Neue got both the Standard and Deluxe edition of ‘Borderlands 3’ from GameCentral in Gadong Central. (Photo: Lance Thoo/Neue)

Some video games are just more fun when playing with friends. And ‘Borderlands 3′ is one of those games.

For the uninitiated, the ‘Borderlands’ series is an open world, first person ‘looter shooter’.  The story follows a group of ‘Vault Hunters‘ who are faced with many enemies on or around the planet Pandora.

The major appeal for these sort of games is the never-ending hunt for LEGENDARY loot – such as weapons and armour. It’s always a joy when you see the orange beam appear over some loot.

I panic easily whenever I play solo shooter games on my PlayStation, especially during insanely chaotic (epic) boss fights!

However, when I play with my co-op buddies, nothing will stand in our way … not even ‘The Warrior’, the end-game colossal boss in ‘Borderlands 2’, which was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games back in 2012.

‘The Warrior’, the end-game colossal boss in ‘Borderlands 2’ (Source: Gearbox Software/2K Games)

I’ve been waiting for ‘Borderlands 3’ for so long ever since I finished completed ‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’ (2014).

And thanks to GameCentral, I was able to get my hands on both the Standard and Deluxe edition of ‘Borderlands 3’.

Why did I get 2 copies, you ask?

Well, it’s like I said earlier – some games are just so much more fun with a co-op buddy.

And I’m very fortunate to have a girlfriend who’s totally into the ‘Borderlands’ series.

We are now working on levelling up our main characters to the current max level of 50.

Admittedly, it’s going to be a long grind but so long as we pay attention to all those optional side quests, I’m confident that we’ll get there … eventually. As I’ve only spent a few days playing ‘Borderlands 3’, I’ll just be talking about what my girlfriend and I enjoyed most about the game.

So what do we love about ‘Borderlands 3’ (so far)?

#1. We no longer have to fight over loot

(Photo: Lance Thoo/Neue)

In ‘Borderlands 3’, you will have two options for loot – ‘Cooperation’ and ‘Coopetition’ (Yep! That’s how it’s actually spelt in the game!)

If you choose ‘Cooperation’, you’ll receive ‘instanced loot’ that is unique to you. You can’t share this with other players and your teammates won’t be able to pick up any of the loot that’s dropped for you. (Probability of arguing with your co-op buddies: 0%)

In ‘Coopetition’, all loot dropped is shared and shown between all players. Vault Hunters need to coordinate who will pick up what from the shared loot available. (Probability of arguing with your co-op buddies: 100%)

#2. ‘Fast-travel’ from anywhere

You can now really ‘fast-travel’ in ‘Borderlands 3’. In the past, you’d only be able to ‘fast-travel’ from specific points in each zone – all from the comfort of your in-game map. (Trust me! It was a real pain back then in ‘Borderlands 2’!)

#3. Love being a VIP

By visiting this link, players can earn VIP (Vault Insider Program) points that they can redeem for in-game loot. You are basically getting rewarded for doing fun stuff that you were probably gonna do anyway!

And be sure to sign up with SHiFT by clicking here.

What’s that, you ask? 

It’s an out-of-game reward system using a 25-character alphanumeric code that, when inputted, can be used to unlock limited time offers within the game. For the most up-to-date information about SHiFT functionality, keep an eye on the @SHiFTstatus Twitter page here.

I’ll revisit this story once I’ve completed the entire story mission (including the many optional side quests) of ‘Borderlands 3’. Let’s see if I’ll change my first impressions change.

For now I’ll continue playing more ‘Borderlands 3’. After all, I have 4 characters that I need to power level up to 50. (At the time of uploading the story, that was the maximum level cap!)

Let’s hear it from you

Have you played ‘Borderlands 3’? What are you thoughts about it?

What other games do you think are great for gamer couples or co-op players?

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You can check out the trailer for ‘Borderlands 3’ below: