Cats have taken over my life. And I don’t care that I’m allergic to these amazing feline companions.

Ten years ago, a cat named Jabber came into my life, and my cat family has grown significantly. (We now have eight lovely cats!)

Let’s face it – when it comes to our cats, they call the shots.

After all, we (the human race) want the best for our beloved feline companions.

The writer with two of her cats – Charlotte and Frankie

I have a confession to make … I would not mind spending a fortune on my cats. After all, they are like our own children. (And I’m sure I speak on behalf of ALL other cat lovers out there … “We are not embarrassed about this!”)

I decided to write this article after reading one of Neue’s past articles – “What’s The Most Outrageous Thing You’ve Given Your Pet?”. But this will be more focussed on cats. (Apologies to all dog lovers out there!)

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some some purr-fect gift ideas :)

1. Hammocks

(Images courtesy of GIPHY / Amazon)

Have your cats ever tried to jump up to your window just to take a look outside? 

Why not make their life easier by setting up this hammock up against your window? They’ll now be able to sit back and enjoy the view of birds flying up in the sky and squirrels running around.

It does not have to be on your car window, a window in your room or somewhere in your house would also be fine.

2. Club House

Does your cat create cat-astrophe (I love cat puns!)  around the house? Mine does.

Cats like to scratch anything that is nubby, coarse or textured as it helps sharpen their claws. (You may have noticed them working on their manicure by ‘attacking’ your couch or bed.)

Solution? Keep them preoccupied by getting them a club house! This is one house I’m sure you would not mind them ruining.

3. Cat BackpacksTired of your cat’s lazy cat-titude? Bring it for a walk with this backpack. It’s purr-fect if your cats hate wearing leashes and is a notorious runner! Your cats can also lie down in these backpacks as there is plenty of room in there. (Hmm … do they make these sort of backpacks for humans too?)

4. Proper Drinking Fountain

The writer’s cat drinking from the aquarium

 A proper drinking fountain would be ideal for you if your cats like to drink out of the aquarium like mine. 

Not only does a fountain help with the “drinking-from-an-aquarium” problem, this may encourage your cats to drink more water too. This is because most cats have trouble seeing the water level in a bowl. (Running water will help them see!)

5. Automatic Cat Laser ToyIs your cat one of the reasons for your pro-cats-tination?

Then this product may help you as it shoots laser lights that’ll keep your cat entertained. As your cat will be so focussed on “catching” the light, you’ll have less distractions at home (or at the office) so that you can focus better on your work.

6. Adorable Lion’s Mane CostumeSimba, is that you? If you thought cats couldn’t be anymore cuter, you’re wrong! Get your cats this lion’s mane costume and you can reenact scenes from the Lion King with your own little Simba. 

Si Manja Pet Grooming Spa, which is located in Kg Serusop, sells a variety of fashion accessories for pets. Do check them out below!

7. BedsCats can now also get their own Ikea bed. It is a perfect sized bed for your cat with mini pillows that contain a little bit of catnip.

8. Self-Cleaning Toilet

Tired of cleaning out your cat’s litter box? Well, your mew-sery has ended. A self-cleaning toilet has been made for pets where after your cat has done its business, the machine would take care of everything :)

9. Sunglasses For Cats

Looking good, feline good. If you thought that sunglasses were only made for humans, you’re wrong. Pet glasses exists and your cats can now look as cool as you do. These glasses are now available at Nimanja Brunei Petstore.

10. Pet StrollerMake way for the coolest cat in town. These strollers are perfect when you have cats that are often too scared to go outside. With this you can bring your cats out for a stroll and breathe in some fresh air.

Let’s hear it from you

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve given your pet? Tell us in the comments below :)