Frozen 2 debuts in Brunei cinemas this week and we here at Neue can’t let it go just yet!

Fun fact: The “Let It Go” sing-along YouTube video uploaded by Disney UK has been viewed OVER 1.8 BILLION TIMES since the original film debuted six years ago.

Are you a parent who will taking your kids to the movies to catch the latest Frozen movie?

If you are, amuse your kids with these cool (pun intended) facts about Frozen.

#1 : Villainous Elsa

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Did you know that Elsa was originally intended to be an evil queen with blue face and spiky hair?

According to producer Peter Del Vecho, the ending for Frozen was completely altered. In fact, Frozen went through several changes throughout the making of the film. 

In the original ending, Elsa (made out to be an evil villain) and Anna (innocent heroine) would be involved in an epic battle with snow monsters that Elsa had created.

In fact, they were not even sisters in the first concept!

Anna had apparently sought Elsa for help to freeze her broken heart.

#2 : “Do you wanna build a snowman?” almost didn’t make the cut

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Yeap, you read that right, the song that every Frozen fan knows by heart almost didn’t make it into the film!

Del Vecho stated in “The Story Of Frozen: Making A Disney Animated Classic” that the song bit was in and out of the film a few times because to him it just didn’t add up. 

Actress Kristen Bell revealed that the song was not put back into the film until hours before it was released.

Someone made the right decision, didn’t they? Or else we wouldn’t have that very catchy song stuck in our heads!

#3 : Hotel made of ice used for design inspiration

(Source: Business Insider)

The inspiration for the film was actually from the Hotel De Glace in Quebec City. The hotel is an ice hotel, yes, a hotel made from ice. The production team took a trip to the hotel to get some ideas for the film.

The hotel now has a Disney Frozen themed suite. The suite was designed after Anna and Elsa’s bedroom.

#4 : Frozen was directed by a female director

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The award winning film was directed by Jennifer Lee, the first female director of a Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film. She is also officially been named chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios. 

#5 : “Let It Go” was recorded in 41 different languages“Let It Go” is basically the anthem song for Frozen so it isn’t surprising when the song has different versions of various languages. Well, to be exact 41 different languages! Disney used the English version of the song as the template. Some of the languages included French, German, Dutch, Mandarin, Malay, etc.

# 6 : Arendelle is from Norway?

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The name Arendelle actually came from the Norwegian town of Arendal. The town is located in the county of Aust-Agder, to the southwest of the Norwegian capital, Oslo. 

The scenery is based primarily on the Naeroyfjord in Western Norway and various buildings found in other Norwegian cities.

#7 : A tale from the 1940s

(Source: Wikipedia)

Frozen was based on the fairy tale book ‘The Snow Queen’ by Hans Christian Anderson. In the early 1940s Disney had a discussion with Samuel Goldwyn about the potential collaborative film about the life and works of the Danish author. However, the film didn’t follow through due to the main characters not having any redeeming characteristics.

#8 : Film’s most famous songSongwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez wrote the song Let It Go. The married couple took a walk and put themselves in Elsa’s shoes and realised what their vision was for the song. They spent hours jotting out what would be Elsa’s thoughts and 24 hours later came out with the demo.

The husband and wife duo had also written a song that was for Elsa when she was still the spiky haired blue villain. The song was called “Cool With Me” that Kristen said had an anti-love-song vibe.

#9 : A tribute to Hans Christian Anderson

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Since the film was based on the story by Anderson, the producers decided to pay tribute to the Danish author by naming some of the characters after him. They had changed some things about the story to make it more appealing to modern audiences.

The names that they used in the also spell out his name – Hans-Kristoff-Anna-Sven.

#10 : Sven The Dog?Other than Olaf, Sven is also one of the most beloved characters in the movie. Did you know that he was based on one of the producer’s pet dogs?

Initially the animators did try to bring in a reindeer but it refused to do anything.

So instead they used a dog owned by Executive Producer Lasseter to try and mimic its actions for Sven’s movement. 

Sven was also originally named Thor, but writers eventually settled with the name Sven as it goes with author Anderson’s name. The name Thor was also sensitive due to the popularity of the Thor franchise.

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