It’s December 2019, and you know what that means … Yep! You guessed correctly! It’s time for you to make your New Year’s resolutions (yet again)!

From all of us here at Neue, we hope that your New Year will be filled with lots of laughter and happiness, good health, and, most of all, love.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that it only takes one moment of inspiration to change your life forever – your perspective and thinking.

As you reflect on 2019 and prepare for 2020, I hope that this article gives you the necessary push to kickstart your New Year goals!

Once again I turned to Lim Fun (@kraykraynufitness), a nutrition coach, for inspiration.

Lim Fun, who works closely with Seven Sporks (@sevensporks), a Brunei-based specialised meal prep business, coaches and helps people with their nutritional struggles and empowers them to take necessary steps to make changes in their lives.

He is most well-known for being a health & nutrition advocate who speaks the truth!

Lim Fun is certified across multiple fields in health and nutrition. He is also a Certified Life Coach, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Certified Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) Practitioner.

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Without further ado, here are 10 easy habits to kickstart your 2020, as recommended by Lim Fun:

#1. Hire A Health Coach

Sure, you can always ‘Google’ information from the Internet. The problem is that there are so many theories and facts (and misinformation) out there that you’ll probably end up becoming more confused than when you started out researching.

So why not just cut to the chase and hire a trained health coach who knows what he/she is doing to help you realise your health goals?

#2. Sleep Better

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We all know how just one sleepless night can affect our performance the next day – 0ur cognitive and attention are pretty much very mired, while we constantly crave for that strong coffee brew just to keep us alert during a meeting.

There are several proven ways to improve your sleep:

(i) Get enough sun exposure throughout the day (7 to 10 minutes)

(ii) Increase your leafy greens, nuts and seeds consumptions.

(iii) Get at least 30 minutes of physical activities (light to moderate) daily.

(iv) Wind-down one to two hours before bed. Make sure your room is cold and avoid eating before bed.

#3. Learn New Things

Whether it be taking up a new hobby, discovering a new passion or enhancing your knowledge about certain areas of your life, learning new things will improve your brain health.

Why? Because it’s like an exercise for your brain’s neuro-linguistic activities. The more we learn and pursue new knowledge, the more we grow in maturity and experience, the better it is for our emotional well-being.

#4. Be Physically ActiveBy getting involved in physically demanding activities, we increase our metabolism and endurance level.

If you keep up with this kind of habit in the long run, you will improve your overall well-being and will easily be able to perform your daily task without much hassle.

#5. Avoid Toxic People

We all have that one or two (or more) people who we KNOW are doing no good in our lives. These so-called “toxic” people are those who you may consider friends who are mostly negative and sceptical. It might be a good idea to surround yourself with those “good” people who bring positivity and encouragement.

#6. Goodbye SugarThis hard-to-kick substance has been proven to be as addictive as cocaine in a study published by the British Journal Of Sports Medicine. It’s one of the leading causes of weight gain.

If your priority is to reach a consistent weight management goal throughout your life, start with this.

#7. Learn How To Cook

Learning how to cook is a good and fun way to spend some quality time at home with either friends or families. Besides, what better way than to cook your own foods the way you like it and bring out that inner chef in you to impress your peers.

#8. Pick Up A New SportIf you’re already hitting the gym and you have gained an adequate fitness level, why not put that new potential to good use by contributing to play in a team sport? Besides, it may also be a good way to meet new people and have more fun!

#9. Start An Online Business

We all know how convenient it is to shop online for products and services. If you enjoy this kind of experience, how about you start one yourself and bring that experience to others. Besides, it could help with your financial goals and contribute to the economy by growing the local SME industry.

#10. Laugh MoreGo watch a comedy show, read up on jokes or tell some jokes. Laughter is a natural dopamine booster and it also makes you more positive and happier anyway.

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What’s on your mind?

What do you think of the list above? What’s your New Year’s resolution?

We here at Neue would love to hear from you!

Drop us a line in the comments below. Oh! And while you’re here, feel free to check out some of the meal plans that available from Seven Sporks. You can also click here to send a WhatsApp message to book your next meal.

Disclaimer: The writer is NOT a fitness guru nor is he by any means a health expert. In fact, he struggles with his weight on a daily basis. (Click here to read Neue’s past article – “Fat-Shaming Helps People Lose Weight?”)