Have you ever asked yourself, “what if”?

“What if I had done this?”

“What if I had done that?”

Trust me! Having your head filled with these sort of questions is NEVER fun.

Yes, buying a car is a big decision and the last thing you want is to be riddled with regret.

(Photos courtesy of @honeycarsmartbrunei)

It’s all about trust

Trust takes time to build, a moment to lose and forever to repair.

This is an immensely powerful fact of life and business.

And this was what Honey Carsmart, a well established pre-owned car dealership that has been in the Brunei market since 1983, firmly believes in.

“At the end of the day, it’s not just about selling and buying cars. Here at Honey Carsmart, it’s about ensuring that our valued customers drive their car home with peace of mind,” a spokesperson of Honey Carsmart told Neue in a recent interview.

Honey Carsmart’s workshop was awarded the Class ‘B’ Certification from the Land Transport Department in 2012 for recognition of approved facilities and safety regulation

Excellent after sales serviceDid you know that Honey Carsmart is among a handful of used car dealerships with a Class ‘B’ certified workshop?

What this basically means is that on top of adhering to the necessary safety regulations and standards, Honey Carsmart’s workshop is well equipped with approved facilities such as oven-baked car painting.

And that’s comforting to know because every single car that you see at Honey Carsmart’s yard has been pre-serviced and thoroughly inspected by their well-trained mechanics.

How to get to Honey Carsmart’s yard?

Be sure to drop by Honey Carsmart to take a closer look at their wide selection of vehicles.

If you’re planning on dropping by the Honey Carsmart, be sure to bring along the following: identity card, driver’s licence, letter of employment as well as your past 3 months’ salary slip and bank statements. These documents will be needed if you’re interested in applying for a loan (hire purchase).

For more information, you can connect with Honey Carsmart on Facebook or Instagram. You can also check out their website by clicking here.

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