Popular travel destinations like Greece and Egypt have begun to outline their plans for how tourism could slowly resume after weeks of lockdown, and we’re now getting a picture of what air travel might be like during the pandemic.

Airline passengers, cabin crew, ground staff and other airport employees should use face masks as part of measures to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to joint recommendations from two European agencies.

The air travel guidelines, published May 20, were compiled by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

The new normal has yet to fully emerge for the travel sector, as airline associations issue guidelines for crew and passengers for flights during the pandemic. (Photo: Iván Terrón/EUROPA Press/dpa)

Exemptions from using face masks included children below 6 years of age.

Other recommendations include reminding passengers to maintain physical-distancing of 1.5 metres “as much as is possible in the airport,” maintaining good hand hygiene, and advising passengers who present symptoms not to go to the airport, the agencies said.

Surfaces such as plastic security screening trays used at security checks should be properly cleaned and hand-disinfectant placed at the exit of the security locations, said the Cologne, Germany-based EASA and the ECDC, which is headquartered just outside Stockholm.

The 28-page document noted that thermal screening “has many limitations and little evidence of effectiveness in detecting Covid-19 cases,” citing that not all virus cases have a fever.

While in the air, airlines should seek to prevent passengers queuing in the aisle or the galleys, and limit on-board service, for instance scrapping tax-free sales and avoiding the use of cash where possible.

If a passenger develops symptoms during a flight, efforts should be made to isolate them. Other passengers seated “two seats in every direction from the suspected case may be considered close contacts,” the agencies said.What’s Neue with you?

On May 28, Brunei’s national carrier RB in an Instagram post asked “Where’s the first RB destination you’ll be flying to once the world is ready to travel again?”

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