You stumble upon a friend’s Instagram post featuring a beautiful background in a cafe.

You then leave a comment that goes: “Where is this?”

Sounds familiar?

Hands up if this is something you’ve experienced.

As life slowly returns to normal here in Brunei following the de-escalation plan announced in mid-May, we here at Neue would like to remind the public to install the BruHealth mobile app before making your way to the cafes mentioned in this article.


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How photogenic a cafe is can determine whether it stands out against the competition.

In Brunei, we have our fair share of Instagram-worthy cafes, with some standing through the test of time.

Here’s a list of Instagram-able cafes in Brunei that each stand out for different reasons. (Please note that the following cafes mentioned appear in no particular order!)

#1. Bloom Café, One Riverside


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There is something beautiful about the colour white in a sea of brown walled cafes.

The Bloom Café at One Riverside has been dubbed a minimalist café by Mr Baker Bakeshop, who could very well claim to have other IG-worthy cafes in their portfolio.

Sometimes keeping things simple and clean is all you need to really stand out from the rest, and at Bloom Café, no one can mistake where you are when it’s featured on your Instagram feed. (Photo courtesy of @bloomcafebn)

#2. Serenity by Berqat Foods


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Located on the 1st floor along Jalan Jerudong, it is easy to walk past the entrance of this gorgeous looking café without even noticing it.

Once you step in however, it wouldn’t be amiss to feel like you were being transported to another world.

Lightly accentuated with lush green flora in the right places, marble top tables surrounding small tight spaces, and the echos of conversation reverberating from the high ceiling, everything inside Berqat screams of fine detail and carefully thought-out design. (Photo courtesy of @berqat)

#3. Colobaba @ Citis Square


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Feast your eyes on the third branch of Colobaba at Citis Square, which opened its doors to the public on the 3rd day of Hari Raya.

Colobaba is no stranger to being the subject of many Instagram-worthy photos. Be sure to also check out their first branch in Kiulap. 

Be the envy of your followers as you sit in their garden gazebo or slouch in comfort on their darker toned sofa against a white background. (Photos courtesy of @citissquare.bn & @ridwan_wh)

#4. Beanery & Co.


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Not forgetting our friends in Belait District, Beanery & Co reminds me of quaint little cafes in England, where space is a premium, and the table next to you is literally, next to you.

The interior of the cafe now seems quite common, although this wasn’t the case when it opened years ago, it is the exterior that still attracts attention.

With the right lighting, filters and angle, you could easily take a picture here worthy of not only your Instagram feed, but your Instagram profile. (Photos courtesy of @beanery.co)


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#5. Coco Café, Batu Bersurat


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With Coco Café catering to a wide range of guests, there is bound to be something for everyone here.

With a covered outdoor area featuring high bar stools and tables to watch football games, an interior fitted with well thought-out furniture pieces, or in the quiet of a private room, you could easily be mistaken for being in 3 places at once if you find yourself taking pictures at the cafe.

There is also an upper-class ambiance in the cafe, and restaurant patrons are treated as such, and makes me want to bring out the inner gentleman. 

What other cafes would you recommend?

Did you find yourself taking pictures at any of the mentioned places in this article?

Or have you found other hidden gems that are much more worthy of a mention?

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