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This week, we’ll find out What’s Neue with Anwar Mohammad, the Chairman & Founder of the Society for Community Outreach & Training (SCOT), an NGO that focusses on sustainable poverty eradication in Brunei Darussalam.

He was nominated by Natalie Gowers-Barnes, the Deputy High Commissioner and currently Acting High Commissioner at the British High Commission in  Brunei Darussalam. 

The Neue team recently sat down with Anwar for a #Neue9to5 interview at Avenue 41 in Kiarong.

The full transcript of our interview with Anwar is as follows:


Part 1 Of #Neue9to5 Interview: First 9 Questions


1. What inspired you to set up SCOT?

I think it’s all the challenges that we’ve been through.

It started off with a research project that explores what (are) the causes of poverty in Brunei.

So we found out the causes.

There’s a need to take up action rather than just (being) a piece of research paper.

Why not take it into action?

So that’s how it started.


2. What are some of SCOT’s notable achievements?

I think over the years when SCOT has established itself and we revisit families that we once helped maybe five, six years ago.

They still remember us. They still welcome us with their smiles.

And we can see a lot of difference in the status of their family right now.

They’re improving and they’re making better livelihood today.

So I think that is one of the most notable achievements.


3. How has being involved in SCOT shaped you as a person?

So being in SCOT over the years, it has humbled us to the ground that nothing everything … sometimes you take things for granted.

But being in SCOT it really teaches you to be grateful (with) whatever you have.

Even the little things. So you should be grateful.


4. Who means a lot to you in your life?

It would be my parents because they supported my journey since the very beginning as well.


5. What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

I think over the years I’ve received too much advice.

And I can’t remember even one.

But every advice has been very impactful throughout my journey.


6. What’s a saying or quote that best describes your life?

I think it’s from a book, “A Promise Of A Pencil.”

So it goes about sometimes you know something in your head and sometimes you know something in your heart.

And it goes about when you have uncertainty, you’ll always approach your heart to know what’s right and what’s good for you.


7. What’s a must-do in Brunei if you had overseas friends visiting for the first time?

Oh! Enjoy the nature especially (since) the Temburong Bridge is open right now so it’ll be a great, great detox.


8. Volunteering. How can people in Brunei help?

I think there’s a lot of avenues today. You can join other …

You just match your interest to other organisations that (are) available here and contribute your time with them.


9. The floor is all yours. What would you like to say to our Neue readers?

Neue is a very amazing platform.

It actually connected me with one person from another in this field.

So for all the readers out there, I think the people who have been in this (#Neue9to5) interview have been doing amazing things locally as well as abroad.

So do read up or watch their videos as well (to check out) their content.


Part 2 Of #Neue9to5 Interview: Last 5 Questions


1. What are your 2 favourite places to eat in Brunei?

I eat almost anything. So basically I think the two most favourite places (are)

Number 1: You know the classic nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf, where you can find at the junction of my simpang.

I would say it’s a very  … I would say a childhood food.

(Lance: Where’s this simpang?)

It’s in Selayun. So the gerai (stalls) there they’ve been making it since I was little.

So, you know, it’s very nostalgic (especially) if you always eat it.

And probably the second one, it’s the food that Social Kitchen does by SCOT.


2. Tell us something not many people may know about you.

When you talk about secret talent … maybe no.

But maybe one thing that not a lot of people know about me is that I never give up easily and I persevere through most challenges.


3. If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

I would like to read your mind right now.

And probably like forecast what you are going to ask me next!


#4. An influential person you’d like to have dinner with?

It depends (on) how you define ‘influential’.

For me, influential is the people that I work with at the moment.

So probably those people from the less fortunate families or underprivileged families.

If I can have dinner with them, I could better understand what their needs are and how we can better help them out going forward.


5. What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when I say “Brunei”?



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