We here at Neue believe that every person out there has a story to tell.

This week, we’ll find out What’s Neue with Aliq (@aliqpombunai), a travel blogger and long-time friend of Kurapak, one of Brunei’s most popular social media influencers.

“I’m just a normal guy who likes to travel,” he said during a recent #Neue9to5 interview at Avenue 41 in Kiarong.

Part 1 Of #Neue9to5 Interview: First 9 Questions

1. What do you find annoying about Kurapak? And what do you admire about him?

I start with the annoying part lah ah! Kalau tidur masa belayar ia (Kurapak) berkuroh (snores) very loud.

And the other part, what was it?

(What do you admire about him?)

Admire. About him (Kurapak), he’s very positive. He likes to push me to do positive things. Yeah!


2. Tell us about a travel moment.

Okay, ada masa kami travel ke Sumba, Indonesia. Di sana banyak waterfall so every waterfall aku jump arah apa the cliff. 

The cliff tinggi tinggi pulang.

Two stories high lah! Dua tingkkat bangunan tinggi nya.


3. What new sport would you like to pick up?

Kenapa? Golf lah! Golf! Pasal ia macam … Yeah! I think golf kali!


4. What’s the nicest thing Kurapak has ever done for you?

I think a lot bro! A lot!

I don’t know mana saja yang di pick.

I think there’s a lot actually.

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5. What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for Kurapak?

Pun a lot jua tapi I don’t know if it’s nice to him or I think aku macam angkat bakul kali.


6. What’s more awkward? Dinner with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boss?

Awkward dinner … ex-girlfriend?

Kenapa? Banyak sudah ma selalu yang tempuhi bersama.

And then … awkward!


7. Tell us about life before you created your ‘Aliqpombunai’ persona.

Before ani I used to work at one er … national newspaper agency, The Brunei Times.

I worked there for quite some time, is it? 1 year sampai ia tutup lah!

8. Tell us about the name ‘Aliq From Brunei’ (@aliqpombunai).

Time atu masa kami travel ke Thailand in Phi Phi Island with Kurapak, di sana still fikir lah cari nama which one is suitable for my Instagram.

Masa di sana masa jumpa the locals diorangnya tanya nama – “Your name? Your name?”

Then I said, “Aliq.”

“Pom where? Pom where?”

From Brunei.

“Oh! Pom Bunai … Aliq Pom Bunai! Aliq Pom Bunai ah! Aliq Pom Bunai!”


9. Content creator. What does this mean to you?

Someone yang produce content every day just like an entertainer.

Tapi di orangnya platform arah Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

Yeah! Something like that!


Part 2 Of #Neue9to5 Interview: Last 5 Questions

1. What school were you from? Still keeping in contact with old friends?

Sekolah Menengah Muda Hashim Tutong.

Yes! Masa ada di contact tapi aku ni jenis berlupa nama wah!

Tapi kalau liat muka kenal!

Kalau jumpa aku tagur saja ah!

Cakap nya, “Kawan sekolah menengah dulu! Eh dengan mu escape!”

Eh nda lah. Aku action. Aku nda escape.


2. What would you like to say to your old friends?

Aku Abdul Khaliq yang pernah sekolah sama kamu dulu, pernah sama ke kanteen degan kamu dulu, pernah dengan main bola sama kamu dulu … kalau jumpa aku tagur saja macam biasa.

“Liq! Ingat? Nda ingat ni!”

Tegur saja macam biasa.


3. You watched the World Cup in Russia. Tell us about that.

Well, it’s every big man’s dream to watch football kan? Especially World Cup! World Cup!

I didn’t expect that I’m gonna … apa meliat World Cup ani wah! In real life. In a stadium.

Siuk jua tu! Kamu mau tu meliat World Cup ah!

Eh! Bukan kau! Ni orang nya! Haha!

Siuk tu bro! World Cup ah! Best!

#4. Is it true? You’re a deejay? 

Yes! But I mean … still kalau bagi a gear I can still mixing. Yeah!


5. Floor is all yours. What would you like to say to our Neue readers?

If you wanna achieve something, remember why you started!

Apa niat kamu?

Bukan terusnya ke atas. Ok? Itu saja.

Good luck!

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