Recently convinced to start hiking? Or perhaps COVID has prompted you to explore Brunei’s natural splendour? If you’re just starting out with hiking, then you’re going to need a few tips to make your experience fun, adventurous, and more importantly safe.

We’ve got some tips on what to do, what to wear, and what to bring before you head out.

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Pick A Trail That Fit Your Experience Level

Hiking is a sport that depends on the terrain. Every trail has different terrains, elevations, and obstacles. it can get very difficult, especially for those who aren’t fit or ready. Be sure to start slow and easy. Pick a path that’s just right for you.

Hike With A Friend Or In A Group 

Hiking solo is great for some ‘me time’ to just be with nature and meditate. However, hiking with a friend or within a group who are experienced can guarantee a safe, successful, and enjoyable hike.

Let Somebody Know 

Always let someone know you’ll be hiking. Whether or not you’ll be hiking solo or in a group, the more people aware of you going in, the better. Jungles are ever changing, especially the more uncommon routes. So if you ever get a little lost and take more time than usual to return, friends and family will know to alert the proper authorities.

Wear Proper Shoes 

It’s always important to wear proper attire as it will help make your hike more enjoyable and safe. Most important are your shoes. Proper hiking shoes can be expensive and may be unnecessary for casual hikers on easy trials. But as long as your shoes have good grip on the bottom, give you enough support, and aren’t too heavy, you’re good to go.

Essential Hiking Gear 

Other items to consider bringing along are: bug spray, water bottle, towel, sunscreen, and snacks. Get yourself a lightweight backpack to place your necessities. Also, place your digital devices (your phone) in a zip lock bag, just in case the rain comes to join you on your hike.\We hope this article has helped you beginner hikers out there get prepared. Make some time to get on a trail and experience the calming outdoors. Already a hiker? Make even more time for the trail – whoever said too much hiking was bad for you?

Anything we missed that you’d like to add? Sound off in the comments!

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