The Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived and you know what that means… MOONCAKES! 

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important event in the Chinese calendar. It falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese Lunar calendar. It is believed that the fullest moon appears during the festival, that’s why it’s also called the Moon Festival. Mooncakes are the most popular food of the Mid-Autumn Festival. They are named after the moon deity (Chang’e), who is claimed to have made the mooncake. 

As time goes by, there has been an increasing number of mooncake types and flavours. Undoubtedly, you must have a favourite mooncake flavour.

Let’s see what your favourite mooncake says about you!

#1. Traditional Lotus Paste Mooncake

The G.O.A.T. (Zoomer Vocab: Greatest of All Time) of all mooncakes. 

Mid autumn festival, mooncakes, Mooncake festival

(Photo: Wikipedia)

You are a traditionalist at heart and you prefer doing things by the book. Organising and planning is your middle name. It takes time for you to adapt to change and you hate it when things are out of your control. You hate mess, but you can’t help but clean it up. Being loyal is your #1 motto and you will always have your family and friends’ backs no matter what. 

#2. Traditional Lotus Paste With Yolk Mooncake

People just always assume you are an introvert.

(Photo: HuangKitchen)

But after warming up to people, you have an irresistible charm that people can’t get enough of. You would rather hang out in small groups and you would rather listen than talk. You’re full of surprises and have the heart of gold. You’re the best of both worlds, sweet yet salty. 

#3. Durian Snow Skin Mooncake 

You have a daring personality and you are not scared of standing out in a crowd.

Mid autumn festival, mooncakes, Mooncake festival

(Photo: Syok)

When you walk in a room, all eyes are on you and you love it. You are unique in your own way and you are proud of it. Though some people don’t like you, you don’t let them knock you down under any circumstances. Haters gonna hate! 

#4. Traditional Red Bean Mooncake

At first impression, people are intimidated by you.

Mid autumn festival, mooncakes, Mooncake festival

(Photo: LanghamMooncake)

You are tough on the outside, but a softie on the inside. You are the “people of the people”. You have no problem with adapting and blending in with different groups of people. Some may say you are basic, but you do not care. You live by your own rules.  

#5. Bubble Tea Mooncake

You are probably a Gen Z baby.

Mid autumn festival, mooncakes, Mooncake festival

(Photo: SethLiu)

You are a foodie and enjoy taking pictures of your food for the gram. Going on adventures and trying new things is your cup of tea. You give off good vibes and enjoy keeping up with the latest trends. You are spontaneous and enjoy doing things on your own. 

#6. Vegan Snowskin Mooncake

You are a hidden gem, very hard to find.

Mid autumn festival, mooncakes, Mooncake festival

(Photo: Lightorangebean)

You are a work in progress, but good things take time. When facing a problem, you would rather look for solutions then dwell on them. You hate it when people tell you what to do and like being in control. You like diving into details, every bit of it. 

Do these descriptions fit your personality?

Comment below which mooncake you are!