Have you considered owning an aquarium? Well, if you have, surely one of the reasons to have one is because it’s attractive and eye-catching!

In addition, having fish as pets (buddies) produce benefits that you might never even have thought of.

Here are eight reasons why you should consider owning one!

#1. A healthy distraction

After a long day of work, we certainly need to do things that can help us unwind. Being overwhelmed, and stressing out for long periods of time can be detrimental to one’s health.

Lucky for us, studies have found that aquarium-watching helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

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The best part of this activity is that you can do it with your beloved friends and family members!

Looking at these beautiful aquatic creatures swimming around, while listening to the sound of flowing water is indeed relaxing and soothing. A great way to keep stress at bay!

#2. Produce calming effects

Have you ever wondered why there are aquariums in some clinics and hospitals? Well, it’s not only an aesthetic choice.

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Several studies in the 80s, discovered that aquariums help reduce patients’ anxiety levels by up to 12%! It can also help patients to feel much calmer before undergoing surgeries.

Yes, quite unusual. However, it’s proven to be one of the most effective methods to keep people calm ahead of nervy situations!

#3. Lower down blood pressure and heart rate

Researchers from the Ocean Conservation Trust, University of Exeter and Plymouth University found that watching fish in aquariums led to visible reductions in participants’ blood pressure and heart rate.

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In fact, in one recent study, viewing an aquarium display for 10 minutes was linked to a noticeable long-term drop in blood pressure and heart rate.

That’s impressive, isn’t it?

#4. Your sleep quality can improve

The tossing and turning at night, all of us have experienced it before. The struggle is real!

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Why not put an aquarium in your room? Well, of course, it won’t make you fall asleep immediately.

Instead, as mentioned above, looking at fish swimming around while listening to the white noise that it generates is soothing. This can make your mind calm enough to sleep.

#5. Good for the mood

We all have rough days. Days where we just need to be left alone, to rejuvenate. Worry not, an aquarium can make those days less “sofishticated” (pun intended).

(Source: Fishkeeping World)

But did you know looking at a fish tank that’s filled only, with water and slow-waving aquatic plants can already make people feel more relaxed?

Nope, it’s not a joke! Deborah Cracknell, a lead researcher from The National Marine Aquarium stated that it’s possible, according to The Washington Post.

Of course, you shouldn’t get an empty aquarium! Fill it with fish. It’ll definitely make a difference. People are reported to have better moods when fish are added in!

#6. Promotes creativity

It’s important to note that being by the water or even immersed in water allows our body to be calm and composed.

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Staring, or looking out onto water, be it a river, lake or an ocean, will allow our brain to take in less information. Instead, it’ll let our thoughts wander and let our imagination do its magic.

When your imagination comes to play, that’s when out-of-the-box ideas appear out of nowhere!

#7. It looks cool!

Yes, that’s right! I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

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(Source: Fishkeeping World)

#8. If done right, it could be affordable and fun!

The cost of owning and maintaining an aquarium varies among individuals. There are several factors that you need to consider, which include types of fish, food and several other equipment (heater, filter, gravel and etc.) that are needed to run a healthy aquarium. 

With careful research, this hobby could be much cheaper than you thought it would be. Certainly, there are various ways you can try to minimise costs.

It’s understandable that it might be costly upfront. But, think of it as an investment for your health. After all, our health is our wealth! The health benefits and the fun that it offers will justify. 

There are several aquarium shops in Brunei Darussalam that are willing to help you out. Perhaps, you can try asking around aquarium aficionados as well! 

Taking care of fish requires you to be more responsible, disciplined and patient. There are times where it would be challenging, especially for beginners. But, If you’re up for it, you’ll enjoy it!

It may not necessarily be an easy task, but once you get the hang of it, it could be one of the most rewarding tasks that you’ve ever done! Definitely, a satisfying hobby, when it’s done right.

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So, are you “hooked” yet?

If you happen to have fish as pets (buddies), please let us know what you think of this hobby. We’d love to know your thoughts on it!

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