From staying organised to managing your finances, apps can make your life a whole lot better if you install the right ones on your mobile phone. And no, Among Us isn’t one of them!

This week, we’ll be taking a closer look at five essential apps for the Bruneian millennial, including some local apps that are sure to make your life simpler.

#1. Save time by securing a queue number

Here’s a familiar scenario. It’s time to renew your driver’s licence.We all know what we’re likely to look forward to. You may face lining up 15 minutes before the office opens, taking a number, playing musical chairs as the queue snakes around until your number is called, and crossing your fingers that you have the correct documents and photocopies in-hand.

As you may already know, Brunei is not unique in this regard. Not by a longshot. All around the world, you’ll find people who dread visiting a particular government office for one reason or another; but at varying rates across continents, some countries are embracing technology to fast-track processes, improve efficiency, and cut through bureaucratic red tape.

To their credit, many of Brunei’s civil services have begun to embrace technology.

The QueUp app, for example, allows you to book your time slot when visiting the Department of Immigration and National Registration, Post Office, Health Screening Centre, and Land Transport Department Headquarters, saving people many hours of waiting.

Be sure to download the app the next time before your next visit to any of these departments.

#2. Boost your productivity

Notion (for Android or iOS) is an all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis and databases.From study trackers to personal journaling, Notion has a huge variety of templates. The app is highly customisable with its pages, task lists and dashboards.

One of the most commonly used features is the task list, which is a replacement for apps like Todoist. Notion provides an easy way to tick tasks off your list, just like you would on a planner. The digital version lets you move around and rearrange the items as needed.

That said, it’s easy to see why Notion is one of the best productivity apps of 2020.

One user who left a 5-star review lauded the Notion app as “simply incredible”.

“This note-taking app does it all, literally. The file and webpage embeds are very useful. The infinite recursion is valuable. The templates and tutorials are succinct, but to the point, so that you are not lost in the sea of possibilities. I wanted to make my to-do list items have dependencies, and it took around 30 seconds to intuitively figure out how to do it. I love the menus! I love everything about this app,” Michael Troester said.

#3. Food delivery made easy

Ordering in has never been easier! When people think of food and delivery one app that springs to mind will be GoMamam.

“Over 100 restaurants in Brunei have registered with GoMamam, which currently has a large fleet of around 200 dispatchers,” said Hadi Wahab, the Founder and CEO of the Brunei-based food delivery app told Neue.

The GoMamam app offers live tracking with low rates starting from $3, and this is one of the contributing factors to GoMamam’s growing popularity.

To download the app, click here to download the iOS version or click here for Android.

#4. Take care of your mental health

Break free from anxiety and stress using this free evidence-based anxiety management app. MindShift CBT uses scientifically proven strategies based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

MindShift CBT is a free self-help anxiety relief app that helps you reduce worry, stress, and panic by following evidence-based strategies. Using CBT tools, you can challenge negativity, learn more about anxiety, develop more effective ways of thinking, be mindful, and relax.

If you are looking for anxiety, stress, and panic relief, you have come to the right place. Download MindShift CBT for free, learn more about anxiety, practise cognitive behavioural therapy, and reduce the amount of worry, panic, social anxiety, and discomfort from phobias that you experience.

One user by the name of ‘Abhinandan Dwivedi’ said: “This app discusses the social anxiety disorder in great depth. It really works!”

To download the app, click here for Android or click here for iOS.

#5. Track your money

Toss your notebooks and spreadsheets, and budget for clear, tangible goals that are easy to track in real-time. Tracking your spending just got a whole lot easier. Gain full control of your finances with beautifully designed reports on your accounts.

Wallet is a money manager and bill tracker designed to help you from day one. With continuous financial insights, you’re able to stay in control of your personal finance and budget for the long-term.

You can easily control your spending, budget, and save more money using this finance tracker and bill organiser.

One user by the name of ‘Ahmed Khattab’ left a comment saying, “I’ll be honest. This is almost the best finance tracking app I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried quite a lot.”

To download the app, click here for Android.

Bonus Tip:

For more resources on the digital initiatives happening in Brunei, check out BAH Digital, a platform focused on exploring and encouraging digitisation in the country.

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