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Creative Economy Week is a week-long work festival promoting the development of the Bruneian creative industry. The best thing about CEW (pronounced “chew”!) is that you don’t have to be an industry professional to participate. You can be a self-taught creative, a student in secondary school, a corporate in an entirely different industry or simply exploring the boundless possibilities of creativity, CEW will have something for you.

This year, we’re exploring three main streams of the creative industries – the Gig Economy, Culture & Community and Art for Art’s Sake – through a series of podcasts, forums, articles, interviews, sprints and more. 80% of our activities will be online so you can experience what CEW has in store from the comforts of your own home! [#win?] Browse our full calendar of events on the sidebar and click on any to register online. We promise it’s that easy!

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Our time on What’s Neue will not last forever, so tune in over the next 30 days for local features, opinions pieces, written interviews and more.

Lastly, this page wouldn’t be possible without our carousel of enthusiastic speakers, collaborators and partners, as well as our small team of creatives, industry researchers and passionate individuals hoping to make a case for the creative industries in Brunei: The Creative Core BN, Inturn Co, Syafiy Izady, AI! Creativv, May Cho, Just Bruneians and What’s Neue. 

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