We here at Neue are always on the lookout for “hidden gems” here in Brunei. This week, we’ll be taking a closer look at KB Town (Kuala Belait), which is about a 15-minutes drive away (around 16km) from the Seria Oil Town.

The next time someone tells you there’s nothing to do in KB, be sure to show them this list.#1. The Corner House

The view here is absolutely amazing! A small cafe with limited seats that’s located on the fourth floor of a new hotel in Kuala Belait. This cafe is so popular that if you wish to get a table, you have to make reservations well in advance. 

Before setting off on my day-trip to Kuala Belait from the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, I woke up early on a Sunday to make reservations at The Corner House. In hindsight, I should have called a couple of days earlier as I was only able to secure a table for 3 later that afternoon.

It’s a surreal feeling. I had never been so excited to visit a cafe in Brunei before, let alone in KB Town. It felt as though I was trying to get into the hottest club. Ok! I admit I may be exaggerating now but I think you get my point. Click here to check out their menu.#2. Han’s Coffee Shop

The one place that most KB-ians would recommend when it comes to Kuey Teow is none other than Han’s Coffee Shop. 

Mr and Mrs Han (aka Nyonya) started their restaurant business in the 1960s at the Government Rest House KB. In 1988, when their contract with the Government Rest House expired, their loyal customers requested Mr and Mrs Han to open their own restaurant in KB town.

There’s just something about this place. It’s as if time stands still here.

In March 2020, Han’s Coffee Shop opened up a branch at Simpang 144, Jalan Muara (Sungai Tilong). It is located near the German Shop.

#3. Jolene Restaurant (Non-Halal)

Where’s the best non-Halal Chinese restaurant in KB?  I posed this question to a good friend of Neue, a fellow KB-ian, Aaron Lim, the owner and founder of Project Mayhem.


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According to him, it’s Jolene Restaurant hands down. One of the dishes that blew his mind was the restaurant’s signature dish, the Phoenix Chicken.

“I’ve been looking for this all around Brunei,” he told Neue. “I grew up in KB but I never truly appreciated this restaurant. That all changed a few weeks ago when I rediscovered their Phoenix Chicken.”

Admittedly, this restaurant may be a bit difficult to find, as you need to go up the stairs.

But thanks to this Neue Routes article, it’ll be a piece of cake for you to find it. (It’s literally just above Han’s Coffee Shop!)

What other non-Halal restaurants would you like to see featured next time?

#4. Tudong Saji (Lee Loi Fatt)

You can find a number of food stalls at Tudong Saji, which is located near a roundabout along Jalan Tenggah and Jalan Panglima. One of the must-visit stalls is Lee Loi Fatt – a name that’s synonymous with the word ‘rojak’. There’s no denying that!

Did you know that Kuala Belait was where it all began for Lee Loi Fatt?

In fact, this shop was featured in one of Neue’s past articles – “3 Must-Visit Food Stalls In Kuala Belait & Seria”.

Oh! And be sure to get yourself some iced kacang (ABC) to beat the heat whilst in KB.

#5. Tea-Pot Roundabout

From Tudong Saji, hop in your car and enjoy a scenic drive along Jalan Singa Menteri. Once you come across one of KB’s most iconic landmarks – a GIANT tea-pot in the middle of a roundabout – make a turn to Jalan Pandan 5 and head straight to Jalan Maulana.

(Source: tvsmith.my)

According to a blog, the teapot represents the Sultan pouring his love out evenly to his people in all four districts of Brunei –  Belait, Tutong, Brunei-Muara and Temburong.

The teapot and cups motif is a well considered, culturally grounded choice. Kuala Belait is only minutes drive from the border with the Malaysian state of Sarawak. In Malaysia, teh tarik – a strong, hot, sweet, milky tea, made with tea and condensed milk, and poured from on high to produce frothy, foamy cups of tea – is considered the national drink,” Jenny Ratcliffe wrote in her blog.

“With so much cultural intermingling over the years, it comes as no surprise that teh tarik is a favourite with Bruneians too. The underlying symbolism is a tribute to the Bruneian people’s affection for their beloved leader,” she said.

#6. PantaiKu Ceria

Take a left and be on the lookout for Simpang 95 along Jalan Maulana. It is here where you’ll explore one of KB’s hidden gems.

Welcome to PantaiKu Ceria (loosely translated as “My Happy Beach”).

(Source: WeAreUnited)

According to Chinese media WeAreUnited, this has been a popular spot, especially during the weekends. It is understood that it was built by volunteers.

#7. Ricardo’s La Galéria

Located at Lot 5556 along Jalan Setia Pahlawan, Ricardo’s is run by two passionate husband and wife chefs, Chef Hakeem and Chef Mari. Chef Mari is of Mexican descent and that itself is an advantage to them for serving Mexican food.

Their restaurant offers a mix of traditional Mexican dishes and Tex-Mex dishes.

Interestingly, the reason why their restaurant is called “La Galeria” is because the space itself is like a mini-gallery with paintings all over.

In a past interview with Neue, Chef Mari said, “Mexican food is about bold flavour in simple ways. Chillies, rice, more chillies, beans and tortillas. If you take a look at it, a lot of the dishes use the same ingredients but just in different ways.”

#8. Silver Jubilee Park (Kuala Belait)

When you utter the word ‘picnic’ to any resident of Kuala Belait, more often than not, one place that will immediately spring to mind is the Silver Jubilee Park near the beachfront. If you’re looking for a vast pristine, golden sandy beach, this is the place to be. This is a perfect spot for a relaxing picnic. Click here to learn more about “Top Beaches For A Picnic In Brunei”.

This park is situated in Jalan Maulana, facing the South China Sea and about a kilometre away from the town of Kuala Belait. It has a land area of 2,679 hectares. The park was built by the Kuala Belait community to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam’s accession to the throne.

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