Art is a powerful tool. 

Creativity whether it be painting, making music or even planting; each of these activities have a purpose. Its purpose is to soothe our mind, body and soul. 

Art is a tool that helps us overcome emotions that we struggle to vocalise, often things that we struggle to face head-on. It is an alternative outlet to release emotions, stressors, it is an outlet for us to escape the harsh realities. 

But more often than people realise, we face this harshness through the pleasantries of art. It acts as a cushion that softens the blow we may face that is called life itself. 

(Source: Open Hearts)

This short toolkit called ‘Art & You’ hopes to bring a little insight into how to regulate and manage yourself with the use of art. Several activities are given and you are free to choose whichever you want. 

Do not feel pressured to create ‘perfect pieces’. Trust in yourself and trust in the process. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and have fun. Enjoy yourselves!

CLICK HERE to download the toolkit.