Super Thirteen Clothing Co. is a lifestyle clothing brand that sprouted from an interest in collecting band merchandise and has grown into a sought after local brand. The name comes from super – remarkable, strong or unity and teen – the youth. Established in 2017 Super Thirteen aspires to support the youth to express themselves and grow with their development.

The team behind Super Thirteen Clothing Co. (Photos: Super Thirteen.)

Just Bruneians talked to the founder Mizi Bahrin on setting up early at pop-up events, dealing with difficult customers and advice for the uninitiated to pop-ups. 

We asked Super Thirteen a few ‘This or That’ questions and then went into depth with some of his thoughts behind some of the choices. 

Could you introduce yourself? My name is Tarmizi Bahrin and people would usually know me by Mizi Bahrin. I am the Creative and Product Development Director for Super Thirteen (Founder). 

Set up early OR Set up on time? Set up early

Why do you think setting up early is important? For me personally and I believe also that everyone else agrees that early preparation and setting up are crucial to avoid unnecessary issues. For example, traffic jam on the road or the distance from your place to the venue can be a problem if you need to make it on time to your pop up event.

Meet up OR Pick up point? Pick up point

PM for details OR Whatsapp for info? Whatsapp for info

Do you think WhatsApp is the most professional way to respond to requests? Whatsapp is undeniably the most convenient way to interact with people nowadays because it’s fast and efficient. Do I think it’s efficient? Yes. Is it the most professional way to respond? Probably not. 

IG OR Facebook? IG

Collaborations OR Flying solo? Collaborations

Indoor pop-up OR Outdoor pop-up? Outdoor pop-up

Small venues OR Big venues? Big venues 

Booking OR Pre-order?Pre-order

Talk to one customer OR Talk to a big group of customers? Talk to one customer

Super Thirteen Clothing Co at Tempatan Fest.

How do you talk to new customers? What draws their attention most to your booth? Drawing a new customer both offline and online can be quite challenging. To actually make them attracted to you can be done through the presentation of your booth and your presence. I always start with a simple, “Hi, How are you doing?” And then proceed with the introduction of what we are and share the stories, mission and what contribution we have made so far. New customers will always be interested to hear stories.

New customers OR Loyal customers? New customers

What’s the best way to deal with difficult customers? When we are talking about difficult customers, we need to understand what they are actually looking for and what led them to frustration. I always apply the LAST rules when handling any difficulties in customers. 

L – listen

A – apologise

S – satisfaction

T – thank you 

One day pop up OR weekend pop up? Weekend pop up

What was the most memorable pop-up you’ve been part of? Alhamdulillah, undoubtedly Tempatan Fest in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last year. (Tempatan Fest is a touring festival of Malaysian independent clothing). 

(Once at the booth) Sit down OR Stand up? Stand up

Tapau food from home OR buy from other vendors? Buy from other vendors

Photoshop OR Illustrator? Illustrator

To put simply – what’s your process when making a new t-shirt design? For example the most recent third-anniversary edition t-shirt designs? I admit ideas and concepts are quite hard to achieve especially when you have a certain creative block. The ideas I got for the third-anniversary shirt came during when I was driving back home from BSB to KB. The rocket represents how our products have landed in four countries so far, between these three years and the journey of our product. 

Super Thirteen Third-Anniversary Design.

Two tables OR One table? One table

(Packing up) One trip to the car OR bit by bit – short trips to the car? One trip to the car

What do you like the most about pop-ups? I always look forward to meeting new people and being able to share our stories with them. Other than that probably the food vendors ? 

What’s your advice for new and upcoming vendors wanting to join a pop-up? My little bit of advice would be: come with lower expectations and be prepared. Sometimes you meet unexpected people through a pop-up event that could be beneficial to the growth of your business.