Did you know there are a number of avenues in Brunei where our local creatives can promote (and sell) their works of art? Whether you’re looking for artwork or merchandise, there’s bound to be something for everybody.

This week, we’ll be taking a closer look at websites and social media accounts where you can shop for art pieces and creations made by Brunei creatives.

From time to time, you will see physical pop-ups participated by fellow artisans such as The Sunday Market at ‘The Corner’, Unit 25, Jalan Sultan or The (art) Shop, a seasonal one-stop-shop for all things art at the Creative Space Art Gallery & Studio.

We here at WhatsNeue are confident that with your continued support, the future will continue to look bright for the local creative community.

#1. Barang Me Barang Me is an online marketplace that connects artists with art enthusiasts such as yourself. It’s a one-stop shop to find pieces from all your favourite local artisans. 

An artist / creative may know how to create a beautiful product, however, getting it sold or known in their market is an entirely different arena. That said, platforms like Barang Me help these artisans to further their reach and tap into markets they otherwise don’t have access to.

You can also check out the artists’ page to see who Barang Me has on board.

Best part about buying online is that it’s 24/7. Click here to start shopping on the Barang Me website.

#2. Make A Book Brunei

Make A Book Brunei is a family business set up by two cousins to bring the art and skilled craft of hand-bound books with bindings that date as far back as 2nd Century BC. To spread the knowledge and skills of hand binding books, they run bookbinding workshops so people can understand the time and care to produce a book. Occasionally, Make A Book will pop up at various events to spread the love of owning your own specially made one of- a-kind book. 

#3. Music Plaques


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Ever wanted to turn your favourite moments into a memorable display? Well, with @peachyda_ you can! These folks can help you create song plaques and turn your favourite song into a beautiful glass display.

#4. LunanidBefore Nazhirah Rahimin (or better known as Zee) created Lunanid Co, she observed how much culture and traditions Brunei has to offer, but it has not been represented enough.

Then one day, the Bruneian graphic designer stumbled across a YouTube video about enamel lapel pins and thought, why not express it through pins? She wanted to make lapel pins that Bruneians can be proud of wearing and to be given as gifts as well.

You can find a wide range of pins on the Lunanid website.

#5. Paper and Pics ShopYou can never have enough stickers! And that’s why we have an online stall Paper And Pics right here that specialises in … you guessed correctly … stickers!

#6. Teatimecrafts

Good things come in small packages! And yes! You can find customized miniature gifts here at @teatimecrafts.

#7. Looking for props?

ScavengrProps is catered to props-loving people in which the two people – Nabil, the Prop Fabricator and Nadhirah, the Painter & Detailer – “scavenge” from likely scraps (such as cardboards, used packaging foams, paper, etc) and combine them with more advanced materials for the finishing touches. Making props has always been a passion of both Nabil and Nadhirah.

*Update: ScavengrProps is currently holding off any commission work until April 2021 due to other commitments.

#8. Moosethetics Co

If you’re looking for collectable, quirky eye-candy, look no further than @moosethetics.

#9. Art By Nazeerah

Nazeerah is a self-taught watercolor artist from Brunei. Her signature artworks are floral and calligraphy designs. Do check out her IG account @artbynazeerah if you’re looking for anything to do with florals or calligraphy.

#10. G Desserts & Gallery (Seria)

At the G Desserts & Gallery, you can sit back and appreciate the many artworks on display around the shop as you beat the heat with a nice cup of frozen yoghurt. (Photo: WhatsNeue)

Would you believe us if we told you that you can appreciate art while enjoying a nice cup of frozen yoghurt?  Well, if you happen to be in Seria Town, be sure to drop by G Desserts & Gallery where you can purchase all sorts of artworks at this desserts shop. 

G Desserts & Gallery was among the stops mentioned in Neue’s past article – “Neue Routes: A Day Trip Through Seria Oil Town”.

The artworks that you can find here are those done by Christine Lei, the owner of G Desserts & Gallery, who told WhatsNeue that she’s just a hobby painter who started dabbling in art a few years ago.

For local artists like Christine, fine-tuning their craft is more about passion rather than making money. In fact, she told WhatsNeue that the proceeds of sales are mainly for charity.

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