Week in, week out, the Neue team continues to be mesmerised by Brunei’s talents. In 2020, we introduced a new segment called “Neue Music Monday” and suffice to say, whether it’s original or cover songs, R&B, EDM mixes or even rock, there’s definitely no shortage of talent in the Abode of Peace.

Over the past few months, we’ve hosted live music sessions at Neue Studio, such as:

1. Naqibah (NQBH) and Richmond performing their rendition of “If You Let Me” by Sinead Harnett

2. Hj Haziq’s cover of Shania Twain’s “You’re Still The One”

3. “Can The Good In Me Bring You Back Someday” by The Ellewan

This song was specially performed by The Ellewan for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was a deeply emotional tribute to all those who have left us.

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Now, let’s take a look back at ALL the local tracks we’ve featured in 2020’s #NeueMusicMonday.

4. “Hourglass” by Zaiana

5. “Have You”  by Hj Haziq

6. “Pretty” by Muiz Zamri

7. “Waves” by Nadiatul Volinuskhi

8. “Perbatasan” by Nazmo x Hanif Iqbal

9. “Malas” by Aznniel Yunus

10. “Happier” by 24Rses

11. “Makes No Sense” by Duke Gang

12. “Bleeding” by Naqibah Fadzil

13. “Langkah” by The Ellewan

14. “Underspell” by Surfvampires

15. “Seas Divide” by King Kimura

16. “Might As Well” by The Wacky Matty

17. “Boda Boda” by Alifchief

18. “Sunshine” by Boydrootz, 24rses

19. “Someday” by Bluemoongirl

20. “Cukup” by Rizal Rasid

21. “Moonlight” by B.A.R.E, $nailgod ft. Anna

22. “IFWYV” by Asmai (feat. Waz)

23. “Awan” by Indra Jaman

24. “It’s U” by MHI, Mat Fadhil & Yazid Rahman

25. “Tentang Rasa” by Maria

26. “Let Go” by Aisyah

27. “Stargazer” by Sam Siren, Faadzil Osman

28. “Extinct” by Freezone, qwamii

29. “Do U?” by a12sounds, IKHLAS

30. “We Got Something New” by PISCES.KID

31. “B1oodt1es” by Dukegang

32. “To Far” – Yukahati

33. “Stay” – Farisya

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