There’s nothing quite like the thrill of live theatre. Unlike watching a movie, when watching live theatre there is a real social element to it such as being able to motivate the actors through your laughter, tears, applause and more.

While there weren’t that many live theatre shows in Brunei in 2020 in view of the Coronavirus pandemic, we here at Neue are hopeful that 2021 will be the year that we see more talents performing on stages across the country.

The Neue team has rounded up a list of places where you can catch live theatre in Brunei:

1. Brunei Amateur Dramatic Society (BADS)

BADS is a registered non-profit NGO providing a platform to those with passion for acting in Brunei. In November 2020, it celebrated its 56th anniversary.

In October 2019, it held an immersive theatre experience aptly called “Comedy Club” at NER DEE Cafe in Kiulap. It was an invitation-only event where tickets were priced at $25 each (with meals provided).

In a post that was uploaded on Instagram, BADS teased that something could be coming up.

BADS told its followers to “be excited” and to “stay tuned” for further updates.

“From the folks who brought you Comedy Cafe, Mystery at Bagshot Manor, Merit Badges, Room 719, Macbeth, The Sunshine Boys and Sugar Daddies … we’re trying out something a little different,” BADS said in the caption..

For updates on when their next event will take place, check their social media page on Instagram by clicking here.

2. Jerudong International School (JIS) Arts Centre

JIS productions are often open to the general public. In February 2020, the “Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical” was performed by over 95 students onstage, supported by over 100 students backstage and a full orchestra.

For updates on any upcoming events, visit the JIS Arts Centre Events website or Instagram page. (Main cover photo courtesy of JIS)

3. Relentless Entertainment

For more than a decade, Relentless Entertainment has been making waves in the local creative and performing arts scene. Some of their past shows include ‘Sparks Musical’ (2020), ‘Hairspray: The Musical’ (September 2019), ‘Cinderella: The Musical’ (September 2018),  ‘Shrek: The Musical’ (September 2017) and ‘Belle: The Musical’ (April 2016).

In a past article published on Neue, Pauline Chan who portrayed the character ‘Prudy Pingleton’ in ‘Hairspray’, pointed out that Relentless’ musicals are huge colourful spectacles that are carefully choreographed in every aspect, from background sets and costumes to the actors’ delivery of lines and facial expressions.

“Through my involvement with Relentless’ musicals, I learnt a lot about the production of a musical and the processes and details by just being in it. If you are on the outside, you’ll never know how much work, planning and dedication goes into a production,” she added.

For updates on when their next event will take place, check out their social media page on Instagram by clicking here.

4. Salted Egg Theatre ⁣⁣⁣

This all-female theatre troupe from Brunei was founded in 2017. They are a group of theatre-loving ladies who are passionate about original Bruneian voices and stories and creating a space for women on stage. ⁣⁣They last held a show called “A Night of Female Voices” in December 2020.

Follow them on IG for news on any upcoming productions.

5. Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Performing Arts Club (PAC)

UBD’s Performing Arts Club (PAC) is a school-led club of theatrical creatives. UBD PAC is self-produced; during every university semester, they would organise and perform an original production written by the club committee and would be performed by UBD students themselves. 

UBD PAC would generally announce upcoming public productions during or after the final weeks of the semesters. The last show they did was ‘Villa Layla’, which took place from December 25-27, 2020, at the West Wing Lecture Theatre, Chancellor Hall, UBD. For updates on any upcoming events, visit their Instagram page.

Let’s hear it from you

What’s the most memorable theatre show you’d had the pleasure of attending in Brunei? Tell us about it. What other places in Brunei can you catch live theatre? Comment below!