Hiking is one of the best things that Brunei has to offer. But what ‘bukit’ (hill) should you tackle first?

For this article, What’s Neue reached out to Zee of hike.bn, who’s committed to exploring Brunei – one hill at a time, and HBunch Hikes, a family of 6 who prefers going to hills that the youngest in the family (a 3-year-old) could do.

“Our favourite places to hike are Bukit Sipatir and Tasek Lama,” said the head of the family managing the HBunch Hikes account.We hike with all our children – ages 14, 10, 8 and 3. We only really go for the ones that a 3-year-old can do. Hopefully, as the kids get bigger we’ll be able to try the longer and more difficult ones. We want to do Bukit Patoi (in Temburong), but I think that’s way out of our collective skill level at the moment.”

Here’s a roundup of hiking trails that you can check out:


#1. Bukit Sipatir


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Bukit Sipatir is a 2.7-km loop trail suitable for all. It’s an easy hike and worth doing again for the views.

#2. Bukit Kuta

Located in Kampong Pengkalan Batu Brunei, Bukit Kuta is a gem of a trail unlike any other.

According to Zee of hike.bn, it is not uncommon to come across bamboo vegetation in Brunei, but the Bukit Kuta trail certainly takes the cake for having the densest concentration. It is, after all, Brunei’s answer to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, in our books at least.

While the Japanese counterpart is world-renowned to be well-groomed and zen-like, our very own is like its scruffy wild long-lost cousin, yet equally charming in its own ways, eagerly inviting you along to embrace its own quirkiness.

The trail begins in modest fashion, with the bamboo bunch ready to impress, showing up in a patch here, a cluster there. But the real treat comes towards the end after CP 10, with the swarming crowd of bamboo, in all shapes and sizes, as wild as it can be, constantly launching a relentless assault to your senses at every turn.

The journey culminates in a fitting finale – an opportune photo spot at CP 11 to ensure you leave the show with a lasting impression, further affirming that there is still beauty to be found amidst all the chaos.


#3. Bukit Patoi


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Located in Temburong, a visit to Bukit Patoi Recreational Park is highly recommended if you enjoy nature – tall trees with meandering roots, interesting rock formations (near the top) and beautiful moss patterns. It’s a strenuous 1 hour, 15 minute walk to the top.


#4. Bukit Shahbandar


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Bukit Shabandar is a 7.6-kilometre loop trail. Bukit Shahbandar is one of the most popular places to hike in Brunei. Open to the public from 6am to 6pm daily, one can expect to see many different kinds of wildlife like monkeys at the park too. The park has several routes depending on the level of difficulty of hikers, varying between veteran hikers and beginner trekkers.

Bukit Shahbandar has 9 hills that have their own unique routes and shortcuts as the map at the entrance shows, and hikers and trekkers alike can plan their routes accordingly based on their endurance and strength before starting their hike.

#5. Bukit Saeh


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Towering at 222m, Bukit Saeh is fast becoming the next hotspot among hiking enthusiasts due to its easy accessibility ever since the birth of the RIPAHS bridge.

Things to keep in mind

#1. Bring enough water especially for longer hikes.

#2. Use sunscreen and insect repellent. (Bukit Kuta is especially notorious for mosquitoes!)

#3. Always a good idea to go hiking in a group, or at least with someone who is familiar with the trails.

#4. Wear good shoes – essential for tackling muddy/slippery terrain.

#5. Use hiking poles for extra support.

#6. Make use of the ropes lining the trails as much as possible … they are there for a reason!

#7. Bring snacks (especially if you’re hiking with children).

#8. Enjoy the jungle. (For those with families, the goal is not to walk/run fast to finish the trail, but to appreciate it.)

#9. Manage expectations. (Sometimes families end up not completing the trail and just going back for a variety of reasons … and that’s okay!)

 Click here for more tips on how to make your experience fun, adventurous, and more importantly safe.

What’s Neue with you?

Did your favourite place to hike make it to our list? If not, drop a comment below and we’ll check em’ out!

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