Nasi Katok … it often gets a bad rap as being a poor man’s meal – something that people would only eat day in, day out when it’s “hujung bulan” (end of the month … oh! how we all can relate!)

But that’s not always the case. For some, Nasi Katok is a delicacy that they can enjoy for cheap! It’s usually priced at just one Brunei dollar. However, most stalls have begun selling Nasi Katok at $1.50 or higher due to increased production costs that have raised the price of poultry within the country.

Regardless of the price hike, Nasi Katok will continue to be popular among the people.

It’s no wonder that people like Tomas Medina, the Retail Manager of Mat Salleh’s Gizmos at Aman Hill’s Shopping Centre, would think that Brunei is the size of “943 Nasi Katok stalls”. (How did he even come up with that number? Check em’ out in the #QuizBruneians segment on the What’s Neue YouTube channel.)

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Here’s a roundup of some of my personal top favourites:

The original Nasi Katok


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Address: Low San Flat, 10 Jalan Mabohai, Bandar Seri Begawan

How to get there? Take the first U-turn you see on the right after driving past the petrol station (on the left side of the road) in Mabohai and turn into the “simpang-less” simpang.

It is believed that the word “Nasi Katok” originated from the act of knocking (Katok) on the window of a flat located in Mabohai to buy rice (Nasi). Nowadays, you don’t exactly have to knock but rather chime a bell instead.

Among the locals, this place is often referred to as “Mabahoi Nasi Katok” or “Low San Flat Nasi Katok”.

Oh! And heads up … you won’t find any chicken in your Nasi Katok here. Instead, you’ll be served with a spoonful of Sambal Pusu (fried anchovies with chilli paste) and egg.

In the past, this place was famously known for its 80-cent Nasi Katok. But we here at What’s Neue can confirm that it’s now priced at one dollar. (We blame you, COVID-19!)

Relocated but still popular as ever

Address: Tanjung Bunut (behind Pastamania and Tealive). It is nearby Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut.

Despite having just moved to a new location, Keyboy’s continues to be a local favourite. For over 20 years, Keyboy’s Nasi Katok (with one piece of chicken) continues to draw the crowds. Oh! And it’s still priced at just ONE DOLLAR! Be sure to order some of their famous Cucur Pisang (banana fritters) too that are served with condensed milk on the side.

Photos of their original branch (which is currently closed due to renovation work) can be found below.

Tom Yam Nasi Katok


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Address: Behind Unit 13B, Ground Floor , Bangunan Nur Baqiah, Sengkurong A

How to get there? It’s located at one of the shophouses behind Nadj Restaurant & Hua Ho in Sengkurong. Look for the “Cha-Roen-Sap Sdn Bhd” signboard.


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Trust me! It’s going to a challenge for you to find this place. But when you do, it will be worth it!

I learnt about this hidden gem after I saw an Instagram post by local foodie Mike of @igcomesfirst in March 2020.

You have SIX flavours to choose from – Tom Yam, Tahai, Tomato, Biasa (normal), Pedas Hijau and Pedas Merah. But the most popular flavour among the locals is the Tom Yam.

Back then, it was priced at just one dollar per packet.

Ridwan, the Manager of Pondok Sari Wangi Indonesian Restaurant, in an interview with  What’s Neue, confirmed the price per packet has increased to $1.50. “But the serving portion is big,” he said.

When asked why most Nasi Katok shops were hiking up the price, Ridwan pointed out that practically everything has increased in price – chicken, chilli, red onion, cooking oil, etc. “Only rice remains the same price,” he added.

Pro tip: It’s strongly recommended that you send a WhatsApp message to Nasi Katok Tom Yam at +6737438878 to inform them what you’d like to order and what time you’ll be dropping by to collect. Otherwise, you’ll be standing in line for quite some time as the place is rather popular.

Buttermilk Nasi Katok

Address: SDK Signature Foods, No 22, Simpang 148, Jalan 99,Kg Perpindahan Rimba

How to get there? When you enter the Rimba area, look out for Jalan 99, where Sekolah Menengah Rimba II is located. Upon entering the Jalan, keep following it until you see Simpang 148 and turn in. Once in Simpang 148, you will come across house No. 22, which is what you’re looking for.

You must try the Nasi Katok Buttermilk at SDK Signature Foods. There are also 10 different types of cooked meat to choose from and 8 different types of sambal!

This Rimba-based Nasi Katok joint was featured in one of our past articles – “Brunei’s Ultimate Nasi Katok?” – which was written in collaboration with @bruneianeats back in July 2018.

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