There’s nothing quite like the heavenly fragrances and fabulous flavours of laksa! 

There are many variations of laksa but the two main types – Curry laksa and Assam laksa.

Curry laksa is the type we all know and love. It’s typically served with both rice vermicelli and egg noodles, and has a thick, rich, curry broth tempered with sweet coconut milk.

Assam laksa, on the other hand, bears little resemblance to its curry cousin. It has a sour tang and a fishy flavour, usually from mackerel (rather than belacan/shrimp paste). It’s an almost translucent broth. 

Even within these general styles, there are endless variations depending on a particular chef’s family tradition or whim, which means that wherever you go, no two laksas are the same.

Here are our top picks on where you can get your (next) laksa fix in Brunei.

#1. Thien Thien


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This place isn’t just about chicken rice. (Yes, you read that right.)

Be sure to give their curry laksa a try. It’s just three dollars.

“I have been a fan of their laksa for ages. It’s simply delicious and one of the best,” said Helen T.

You can find Thien Thein branches in Gadong, Batu Satu and Kiulap.

Price: $3

#2. Twinkle Kids Cafe


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Who would have thought that you’d be able to find laksa at an indoor kid’s playground and cafe? (Neither did I!)

The next time you’re at One Riverside, be sure to drop by Twinkle Kids Cafe.

According to Dee, Animator of Hoco Agency, the laksa here was “surprisingly good”. The cafe serves both Penang Asam Laksa and Curry Laksa.

Price: $6.90.

#3. Han’s Coffee Shop (Jalan Muara branch)


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The name “Han’s Coffee Shop” is synonymous with Fried Kuey Teow.

But if you’re in the mood of trying something new, be sure to order yourself a bowl of “Sarawak Laksa With Jerudong Prawn”. (This is only available in the Jalan Muara branch, and not in Kuala Belait.)

Price: $5

#4. Nasi Ayam Mulaut

Another popular chicken rice shop that serves laksa is Nasi Ayam Mulaut, which is located at Simpang 28, Jalan Ban 6, Kilanas. 

Price: $2.50

#5. Lee Loi Fatt Foodstall

Besides rojak and deep fried fitters, Lee Loi Fatt Foodstall is also famous for its laksa. It has branches in Kiulap, Serusop, Tutong and Kuala Belait.

Price: $3.50 (chicken), $5 (seafood)

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Final Thoughts

Did your favourite laksa spot make it to our list? If not, do drop a comment below and tell us why you’d recommend that particular cafe or restaurant.

In my personal opinion, what makes a good laksa is that depth of flavour. It has to have a lot going on. More importantly, it should be so delicious that you’d want to drink every last part of the soup.

Oh! But fair warning … make sure you’re not wearing white! (You’ll thank me later!)

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