If you are looking for an effective way to sweat off those few extra kilos you gained during the Hari Raya festivities (and buffets during Ramadhan), spin classes could very well be for you!

“Trying out spinning for the first time can be daunting especially when there are so many choices for classes (beginners, freestyle, old-school, dangdut, etc),” said Fadhil Abu Bakar, a former spinning instructor. “Usually, you would have friends asking you to come with, but more often than not, their level might not be suitable for you.”

There are a few things first-timers will need to be wary of.

“Timing of your moves and breathing needs to be in sync as well as choosing how to balance on the bike and doing all the moves,” Fadhil said, adding that making mistakes is part of the fun in spinning. 

Fadhil emphasised that people should go easy on themselves, as things won’t be perfect the first time around.

“Remember to go easy on yourself. At the end of the day, we’re all human so it’s ok if you can’t get it right the first time,” he said. “Some moves are made to be hard to challenge spinners to come back to the classes to try the moves again. It’s always exciting when an instructor introduces a new move to try out!”

Not sure where to spin in Brunei? Well, here’s 10 spin classes that you can check out.

#1. Shine Cycle


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What’s great about this place? Top-notch facilities. Their signature class – “Party on a Bike” – combines traditional cycling techniques with choreography and hand weights.

Address: Unit 12 & 13, Sumbangsih Bahagia, Beribi Industrial Complex II

Contact: 2447560

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#2. Haz Fitness 


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What’s great about this place? Haz Image Fitness Studio has an exciting range of freestyle spinning classes from beginner to advanced.

Address: Unit 1A, Block A, Sempurna Complex Batu Bersurat.

Contact: 8631102 (Spinning & Studio)

#3. The Boss Gym


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What’s great about this place? It’s one of the newest fitness centres to open in Brunei. And it’s got a pretty cool slogan too … “Take Control, Be Your Own Boss.”

Address: Building Centre Area, Higher Point Q-lap, Spg 88, 1st Flr, BE1518, Kg Kiulap. (It’s behind Higher Hotel in Kiulap.)

Contact: 8185333

#4. Spinbeat Studio

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What’s great about this place? If you love dancing, this is the place to be. At Spinbeat Studio, it’s all about the beats!

Address: No.1, First Floor, Block C, Kg Jerudong. It’s located along the same lane as Roasted Sip (above Bzy Restaurant).

Contact: 8237222

#5. Fitness Zone

What’s great about this place? Get in shape at this fitness centre that was founded by Brunei-born international superstar Wu Chun back in 2003.

Address: Lot 45238, Simpang 88, Kg Kiulap

Contact: 2232113

#6. Infinite 189

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What’s great about this place? Ample parking in Kiarong! If spinning is not your cup of tea, then why not check out the trampoline classes on the ground floor.

Address: Unit 7, 2nd Floor, Block C, Kiarong Complex.

Contact: 8938189

#7. JPMC Fitness Centre

What’s great about this place? Spinning classes are conducted here twice a week. And if you’re peckish after your workout, take comfort knowing that there’s an extensive food court (as well as a McDonald’s) right next to Jerudong Park.

Address: Jerudong Park Medical Centre, Jerudong Park

Contact: 2611433 (extension 2238) 

#8. Excelean Fitness

What’s great about this place? We here at What’s Neue were pleasantly surprised that such a place exists in Tutong! Colour us impressed!

Address: Unit 2A, 2nd Floor, Park Mall, Kg Petanim Pekan Tutong. (Search for Park Mall or The Lanes Hotel, Tutong on Waze)

Contact: 8112807

#9. Celebrity Cycling Fitness

What’s special about this place? If you ever wanted to feel like a celebrity, this is the place to be. A great place to burn off excess calories, especially after your ‘makan’ adventure in Kuala Belait and Seria.

Address: Seria Plaza

Contact: 8126689

#10. Twist & Turn Fitness

What’s special about this place? This Berakas-based fitness centre has been sweating it out since 2017.

Address: Unit 9, 2nd Floor, Block B, Berakas Centre, Simpang 66, Kg Serusop, Jalan Pasier Berakas

Contact: 8924151 (Hamzi), 8806733 (Hamiz)

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What’s Neue with you?

Did your favourite place to spin make it to our list? If not, do drop a comment below and tell us why you’d recommend those places!

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