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After reading this article, what are your thoughts on shoppers from Brunei doing their grocery shopping in Miri?

I believe that...

You can cast your poll below:

You can cast your poll below:

You can cast your poll below:

How will you be putting your books on your bookshelf?

How often do you rearrange furniture in your home?

Having a robot in my house that listens is:

If money was no object, which brand of headphones would you prefer to get your hands on?

What factors are important to you when it comes to buying tyres for your car?

Have you ever received unverified information in any of your WhatsApp group chats?

The movie ‘Rampage’ …

Do you think you are getting enough sleep?

The chair that I'm currently sitting on is ...

What do you think of Huawei's triple-lens P20 Pro?

Have you been personally affected by a family member who had a gambling problem?

Would you be willing to spend more than 50 BND for a mobile phone casing or screen protector?

Would you be interested in consolidating all your loans if there was a special interest rate offered by banks?

How do you usually get WiFi for your laptop?

What do you think of this statement: "For the same amount of money you spend for 1 trolley full of groceries at Hua Ho Department Store in Brunei, you can get 2 trolleys full of groceries at Emart Supermarket in Miri."

Do you think that artists should be compensated for their work?

What you get with 1 trolley in Brunei, you can get twice as much in Miri for the same amount of money. Do you agree?

For our next story, what would you like us to compare?

Out of the 2 burgers, which is your favourite burger?

What food would you like Neue & Bruneian Eats to check out for the next story?

What would you like 'Neue' and 'The Savey Fox' to look into next?

Do you think society is doing enough to help charities in Brunei?

Semi-final (2am Brunei time, July 11) FRANCE vs BELGIUM - who do YOU think will win?

Semi-final (2am Brunei time, July 12) CROATIA vs ENGLAND - who do YOU think will win?

FINALS (11pm Brunei time, July 15) Who do YOU think will win?

Will you be checking out the PREMIUM seats at Aman Hills Cineplex?

Have you ever been cheated out of your money by a scammer while on vacation?

What do you love most about visiting a comic book shop like Fanboys Infinite?

Do you think human resource departments in Brunei are ill-equipped to deal with mental illness in the workplace?

What photos would you like to see featured in our next article?

How badly do you want to see Jason Statham punch a giant killer shark?

Do you enjoy ghost stories?

Do you think people who go to raves are more likely to do drugs?

What do you think of the modelling profession?

After reading this story ...

Which cinema in Brunei will you be catching 'Crazy Rich Asians'?

Where will you be doing your laundry?

Would you be interested in getting yourself a one-of-a-kind design by Mahkota Design BN?

Will you be buying the new iPhone?

Have you registered yourself at JobCentre Brunei?

What would you like 'Neue' to write about next time?

Will you be catching the Venom movie in cinemas?

Which is your favourite BTS member?

Would you be interested in learning sign language?

Would you be open to the idea of going on a 'mystery holiday'? If so, tell us in the comments section what you hope to get out of it.

Have you ever played Dance Dance Revolution in the arcade?

Does your live-in domestic helper have a mobile phone?

How would you feel if your father did this to you?

Could you survive 30 SECONDS in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson?

Would you be able to survive 30 days of the 'One Man Punch' challenge?

Can you eat chicken rice for a whole year?

Are you able to go on an Internet detox?

How will you be watching ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8?

Who do you think will kill Cersei?

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Who will rightfully sit on the Iron Throne?

Should this new wedding norm stay?

Which video game are you most excited for in 2020?

Do you agree with what William Shatner said?